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Each year, Camp Tournesol hires new counsellors for all our positions. The eligible candidates speak French well, are in high school, university or are qualified teachers or in the process of becoming one.


Come work with us at Camp Tournesol

At Camp Tournesol, our goal is to provide experiences outside of the school environment and enrich that support the learning of the english language in Ontario. We provide the children to use opportunities their verbal skills and gain confidence with the DSCN2741 copyfrench language.

Will you work with campers from age 4 to 14 years old Attending Either a French immersion gold francophone school. The campers spend the day participating in a Variety of fun activities developed by our senior team, while improving their verbal skills. A job at Tournesol will give you the Opportunity to Spend your day in French, using the skills you Acquired over the years with like-minded colleagues who, like you, believe in the importance of bilingualism.  Each campus is supervised by a seasoned and enthusiastic qualified teacher.

As a counselor at Camp Tournesol, you will have the opportunity to presented with tutoring possibilities for the school year program as well as being selected to accompany our campers on one of our overnight trips.

With competitive salaries, an exciting work environment and great working conditions, working at Sunflower Makes your summer special!

Why not Spend the summer with us and make a positive impact on our campers.

For more details, please read the English section below:

Here is a description of the various positions available.


Requirements: Fluency in spoken French is required and a certificate of CPR and first aid. Experience with youth is required. A criminal record check must also be submitted. Experience as a teacher in the French or French immersion environment is an asset. Candidates who are not teachers and apply for these positions must have completed their secondary education. Teachers Monitors: A teaching certificate is required for a position as teacher monitor. Teachers monitors act as mentor for secondary monitors and apprentice instructors. They will assist the coordinator of campus during the week of camp. They may be required to participate in program planning.


Requirements: Fluency in spoken French is required and a certificate of CPR and first aid. Experience with youth is required. A criminal record check must also be submitted. These positions are for students in school French or French immersion school. Applicants for volunteer positions MUST be in 9th grade in high school. Candidates for the job must be aged 15 or over and be in 10th grade in high school. It is also possible to apply as a volunteer to complete the community service hours required for graduation. The criteria are the same as for the second monitor and the process of application.

Application Process:

Former Tournesol staff  will have priority until February 14. New applicants who apply before March 7 will have priority.

NEW CANDIDATES: To apply for a job, an internship or volunteer position for Camp Tournesol, you must submit the following documents by email to :

  • Letter of introduction (creative, useful, specific)
  • Curriculum Vitae (resume)
  • The application form for new applicants 
  • The name of two references (for students, at least one reference must be from a professor of material taught in French)
  • To clearly indicate which site (city) you wish to apply;
The following documents are not required to apply but must be submitted before the start of camp if you’re committed.
  • a certificate in first aid and CPR C is required.
  • Checking the legal case: acquire a criminal record verification by applying the central police station in your area. It is best to apply before receiving the document.


Please complete the document by clicking here  and submit by email to


We thank all applicants, however only those candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. Interviews will begin in mid-March. The exact dates will be determined and you will receive an email if any. Candidates will subsequently receive a job offer must submit verification of legal record or receipt as proof of application. The second wave of hiring is normally held in mid-April.

Interviews will take place on specific dates in each region. It is important to make sure to be available because it is very rare that a second session of interviews in the same region. Candidates residing in Europe, or elsewhere in Quebec will have the opportunity to hold a meeting via Skype or FaceTime.

Checking the legal case:

If you have been offered a position with Camp Tornesol, it is necessary to obtain a Police Check not older than 12 months or a receipt showing that you made the request. This document is your property.  You can find the necessary information on the application procedures for each region. Please note that you must apply in the area or you live. You must make a “Vulnerable Sector search” . This research will generate fees that vary from region to region.

If you do not submit a paper check, you will not be allowed to start their employment at Camp Tournesol. Please refer to the following links for more information on procedures and costs for each region. If your area is not listed, please contact your local police station.

Why do we ask for a Police background check? 



York Region

Durham Region

International Candidats and from Quebec: Please contact your local police Department.

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