French Day Camp Programs

Experience a week of exhilarating Fun in French! Leave motivated and confident in your oral French skills!

  • What’s Included In The French Day Camp Program?
    5 days of fun and learning, a free Tournesol t-shirt , a field trip at a splash pad on Thursday and a French concert, face painting and festival each Friday.

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  • French Camp Student/Counsellor Ratio:
    8:1 for children under 7 years old and 10:1 for 8 years old and up.
  • French Camp Hours:
    9am to 4pm (Campers can regularly join us as early as 8:45am).

* We also offer extended care hours to accommodate parents’ busy schedules: more information in the corresponding orange bar below.

  • Multiple Weeks:
    Each week/session is different for all our programs so you can register for up to 6 weeks of FRENCH FUN! More than 2/3 of our campers come for multiple weeks.

French Day Camps Programs

French Camp Kinder Programs (age 4 to 6)

We offer different French camp programs for 4 to 7 years old to prepare them to enter a french program or to reinforce previously acquired French verbal skills. Supervised by a teacher, our programs help ensure a smooth transition to school, prepare them to enter a French program with confidence and enthusiasm and develop their verbal skills. Vocabulary is reinforced throughout the day with activities such as sports, arts and crafts, nature interpretation, cooperation games and songs. All activities are varied and appropriate to each program/age group.

“Our daughter was very happy. She had amazing time. She made a new friends and this week was very active and educational. We would recommend it to our friends. Thank you CAMP TOURNESOL! See you next year!”

They will be introduced to basic vocabulary and sentences that they will need in the beginning of their school year. We begin the day with a language circle where new vocabulary will be introduced for a 30 minute period. This learning is then reinforced throughout the day with organized sports; arts or crafts, nature interpretation, songs, show and tell, cooperation games, parachute, camp games, board and card games as well as our very own Tournesol workbook. The workbook also includes the words to the songs that they will learn and will be sent home with the campers at the end of the French camp. They will be able to continue “working” in their workbook for the rest of the summer to reinforce their learning.

The ratio in this program is 8 campers to 1 counsellor. All sessions cover different curriculum and therefore a french summer camper can attend all 6 weeks offered.

  • My child already speaks French but is in JK, so he is too young to be in the French camp. How is the Kinder program appropriate for him/her?
    • We have several children from francophone schools registering in the program each year at our different campus. As much as possible, these children are grouped together. The teacher who delivers the program will speak in French during the day. She will expect and encourage children who have stronger french skills to use it and express themselves in French as well. They often take leadership roles in helping children who are further behind which is a great experience for them. The big difference between this program and our French camps for older children is that children mostly express themselves in english amongst themselves in the kinder program whereas in our French camps, they must express themselves in French amongst themselves as well.

Would you like to know how we structure our day?

  • Click on the photo to see a sample week for the 4-5 years oldWeekly schedule for French Camps for 4-5 years old


  • Click on the photo for a sample week for the 6-7 years oldWeekly schedule for French day camps for 6 years old

No French experience required.

French Day Camps (age 6 to 12)

This French camp program is offered to children who are in French immersion or French schools from SK to grade 6.

The focus of these french summer camp programs is to promote French conversation outside of an academic environment. The level and expectations of french are adapted for each age group and children are grouped by age. During the day, we place campers in situations where they use their french while doing fun activities. Children must already be able to express themselves in French to attend these programs.

“I am very happy that I registered my children for this camp. Not only did their French improve but they discovered that “learning French” can be fun. The highlight for me was my daughter awaking from a bad dream and asking in French if she could sleep in my room. That’s when I knew that I made the right decision sending them to Camp Tournesol. We will be returning every year!”

French Camp daily activities include: Organized sports, arts or crafts, cooperation games and board and card games. Each day will end with a big camp game that will see all campers from all the different groups come together to play.

Campers will also take part in a creativity club each week where a short presentation of a skit or song will be develop by each group on a new theme. Campers will develop their choreography, their make ups, costumes and script together as a group. On Friday, each group will present their creation to the rest of the camp in the hope of winning the prizes!
At our french summer camps throughout the GTA, the activities, crafts, field trips etc… are all different from week to week so you can register for multiple weeks for LOTS of fun in french this summer!

Take a look at the sample week and description of activities for our French day camps by clicking on the photo:weekly guide for French Day Camps
For French immersion or Francophone students.

Practical French Essentials (age 10 to 12)

A french summer camp program aimed at preparing students who will enter an Extended French program in September or are looking to enrich their Core French learning.

“Thank you and the entire Camp Tournesol staff for the 2 beautiful weeks my son, Daniel Davidovich, spent with all of you. During this brief period you had achieved more than he had learned French language at School during a year. And the main thing – he had developed in him a great interest in learning it. Thank you!”

Photos Camp Tournesol Campus de Richmond Hill 1 copyThis program will reinforce skills acquired in the Core French classes at school in previous years and instil in the campers a love of the language. Offered exclusively to students in grades 4 to 6 and developed by teachers, this camp will ensure a smooth transition to a new school and prepare them to enter a French program with confidence, enthusiasm and develop their verbal skills. Each week covers a 2-3 theme-specific vocabulary and key sentences. The focus is on verbal skills and learning is reinforced through games, arts, sports, drama and other activities to ensure that the programs retain our goal of students having Fun in French in the summer at one of our french summer camps throughout the GTA.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a Core French programs for children in grades 2 and 3. At these grade levels, children must be in a Francophone or French immersion program to join our programs. We begin offering Core French programs again from grades 4 to 6 and we offer bilingual programs from children ages 4 to 7.

No French experience required.

CIT Program (age 13 and 14)

 For French-speaking middle school students, designed to develop a sense of responsibility and leadership, as well as train for a job as a counsellor at Tournesol. This program is offered to students in French immersion or Francophone schools graduating from grade 7 and 8. Previous Tournesol campers are given preference.

The French campers will be given responsibilities and placed in situation to develop leadership skills. Each CIT is assigned to a group and mentored by one of our senior camp counselors. This program is eligible for volunteer hours towards the high school diploma requirement for grade 8 students ONLY for most school boards. Each week, the students will earn 35 hours. Check with your high school to ensure that it qualifies.

“Alice is definitely applying to return next summer as she enjoyed the program and keeps talking about her experience as a CIT at Mississauga North campus.”

IMG_4151 (1)Candidates MUST also register for and attend the Leadership weekend session held June 24th to the 26th at Lake St-George Conservation Area. This is a sleepover session.

There is VERY LIMITED availability on this French camp program  so register early.

To apply:

  • Complete the online registration and make payment for the session that you are applying for. (Refund will be provided if you are not selected).
  • Complete the CIT application form (visit our forms page for all the documents)
  • Have a teacher complete and submit the reference form (that you can find on our forms page) in a sealed, initialed envelope.
  • Mail your application with the sealed reference envelope to the office attention Martine Brouillet at 366 Revus Rd, Unit 25, Mississauga, ON, L5G-4S5.

Candidates selected will be contacted directly beginning on March 31st. Priority will be given to students who apply for a minimum of 2 weeks and application received prior to March 31st will be treated first.

For French immersion or Francophone students.

Program NameFee per weekEarly Bird prior to April 30th
Kinder Program$290$265
French Day Camps$265$240
Core French / Extended French$265$240
CIT program$175$150

Please note that all our fees are subject to HST: HST # 895854990 RT 0001.

Please access our Policies page for our refund policy.

Things to know about our French Day Camps

Code of Conduct

At Camp Tournesol, we want all children to have fun and have an opportunity to learn. In order to achieve that, it is important that each camper conduct himself or herself in a respectful and appropriate way. Parents and Campers should review our guidelines together and ensure that your child understand them. Our code of conduct is based on the following 3 principles:

  • Don’t physically endanger anybody.
  • Don’t tease/put people down, even a little bit.
  • Don’t do anything illegal, or that would horrify your parents.

More specifically, at Camp Tournesol safe, respectful and appropriate behavior does NOT include:

  • Leaving an area without permission AND without a counselor for children under 6 years old or a buddy.
  • Standing on tables or chairs.
  • Climbing trees or breaking branches.
  • Carrying or throwing sticks, stones or sand.
  • Being disrespectful to counselors or other campers.
  • Disregarding counselor’s instructions.
  • Water fights or throwing water.
  • Hitting, kicking, biting, wrestling moves or violence.
  • Swearing or explicit and violent language.
  • Stealing.
  • Consistent use of English / no efforts made to use French (for the French campers)
  • Putting arms or heads out of the bus window as well as standing or kneeling on the bus.

Here are the behaviors that ARE acceptable:

  • Making efforts to express yourself in French all day and try to use English as rarely as possible.
  • Obtain permission prior to leaving an area where your group is
  • Always use proper language (no swear words or violent words)
  • Follow instructions as given by counselors
  • Be respectful towards all the counselors and your peers.

Any person found violating this code will be dealt with according to the following procedure:

  • Warning / discussion by their lead counselor and appropriate consequences depending on the gravity of the behavior (sitting out an activity etc.).
  • Meet with the Camp Coordinator and phone call to parent to identify a potentially successful strategy to improve the situation.
  • After consultation with the Camp Director, parent will be asked to pick up their child from the camp for that day and discuss the issue with their child.
  • Note that there is a possibility that the child will be asked not to accompany us during our field trip on Thursdays if we feel that his behavior precludes us from ensuring his safety and that of the other campers.
  • Expulsion from the camp.


Early bird discounts are offered for all our camp programs:
Day camps: $25 off the registration fee until April 30th

Multiple Week Discount: If you register for 3 or more weeks of French immersion day camp at the same time (whether it is one camper for 3 weeks OR 1 camper for 2 weeks and a sibling for 1 week) you will receive a 4% multiple week discount on the program fee.  Campers must be siblings living at the same address. Please note that:

  • This discount is only available by REGISTERING ONLINE.
  • This discount is only available for registration weeks submitted at the SAME TIME. It will not be applied to future additional weeks.
  • This discount DOES NOT apply to any overnight programs and excludes the counselor-in-training program.
  • Discounts do not apply to lunch order, busing fee or extended hours fees.

Extended Care Hour Policy

We are pleased to offer the extended care hours from 7:30Am to 6:00PM, where counsellors will organize informal games with children during the extended period of time.

  • Before Care: begins at 7:30AM: $25 / week (no HST)
  • After Care: up to 6:00PM: $45 / week (no HST)

However, there are important considerations for parents to know:

  • Campers must be registered in advance to use the extended care hour service.
  • You may register at the time of the camp, provided that there are still spaces available, by contacting the office to arrange payment.
  • Registration and payment cannot be accepted at the door.
  • Late pick-ups will be charged $10 for every 10 minutes after 6:00 PM with a minimum charge of $10. There will be no exceptions.
  • A credit card must be on file for penalty fee. The counsellor (s) who will supervise this program are all counsellors for the day camp as well.

Festival and French Concerts on Fridays

Friday is the culminating day with campers presenting their challenge /rap developed during week and the Kinder program present their songs. The winning team gets their special a surprise gifts; and the afternoon is filled with fun obstacle courses, fun stations and of course the weekly freezes!

On that day, each one of our campus throughout the GTA also welcomes a special French workshop or French artist! The goal is to expose campers to a new skill or a new cultural event via a French artist.

Here is a description of the artists visiting us this summer. To find out who is coming to your local campus, visit the location page.

Camp Tournesol reserves the right to change workshops and French artists at any time without notice.

Jean Deshaies, magician
: The magic and comedy of Jean Deshaies. With hundreds of highly interactive shows in Quebec, Ontario and elsewhere in Canada ans USA, get ready for an outstanding performance including magic, humour and public participation. But, how to be ready for that kind of performance? Hard to say. You will never be really ready for all the surprises that he prepared for you.

Mike Ford
: Mike’s original and interactive song-cycle explores the life and time of Ontario’s first non-aboriginal visitor, Étienne Brûlé. Through his eyes, 17th Century Ontario, First Nations lore, early New France and contemporary issues of environment and inclusion are brought to life in a variety of musical styles.

Mystic Drums
: Each show is a world music safari adventure that takes participants around the globe in search of amazing instruments and sounds. We travel to African jungles, South American rainforests and the Great Wall of China to discover clues from animal friends and learn about ecology. “The Legend of Marshmallow Island” features a magical island that rises from the middle of a mystical pond. Larry the Frog and friends go off in search of Marshmallow Island and the legendary dance party that takes place there. Featured instruments include Nigerian Talking Drum, Brazilian Quica, Vibraslap, Flextone, Chinese Gongs and more.

Joanna Moon’s French World Café: Quebecois singer/songwriter/guitarist Joanna Moon is joined by the talented upright bass player Scott Kemp in this lively performance. French World Cafe highlights the warmth of French musical culture as it has flourished around the world — exploring songs from France, Quebec and Louisiana. Participants will learn how to play Quebec’s spoons and sing along a few songs.

How do we get children to speak French??

  • Our French Awards: Our French tattoos are awarded daily to campers who made efforts in French.
  • Our Badge System: There are 3 different French badges to be won during the week! You can read about our famous Badge system to see who impactful it is!

Speak French, it pays!


Now you can stop worrying about what to make your camper for lunch!

Continuing our long-standing commitment to the environment and reducing our footprint,  Camp Tournesol is happy to offer our all-new Healthy and Environmentally Friendly Lunch Program with Canadian Food Guide-approved hot lunch served family-style. All meals are 100% nut-free, shellfish-free and pork-free.

For just $34 + HST, your child can enjoy a delicious and wholesome meal from Monday to Thursday, and Fridays will still be reserved for a much-loved treat: our delicious pizza lunches. Friday pizza lunches will still be charged separately. (The fee for the week of August 2nd is $26).

See the meal plan menu.

You may purchase a nut-free pizza meal from Pizza Pizza which includes a water bottle, on Friday according to 2 different plans:

  • $3.50 for one slice and
  • $5.00 for 2 slices.

Dietary restrictions/ Allergies / Halal meals

We are happy to be able to accommodate the following dietary restrictions: Gluten-free, lactose intolerant and vegetarian for the 4 day meal plan ONLY. Simply specify your selection at the time of ordering.

Sample of vegetarian options: Veggie Burgers , Meatless Chicken Fingers , Veggie Ground Meat ,Veggie Chicken Slices , Meatless Meat Balls , Meatless Chicken Strips.

Unfortunately we can not accommodate Halal meals.

Transportation Service

We are pleased to offer transportation at a few of our campuses, from locations in neighbouring cities, free of charge. There is normally no transportation offered in the city where the campus is located.

Our busing service works as a depot system, not door-to-door. In other words, there are specific bus stops determined in advance and you must come to the most convenient spot for you to pick up and drop off your children. You can view our different bus stops on the page of your local campus under the Locations section. Unfortunately, we do not offer busing for all campus.

It is recommended to register for a bus stop at the time of registration as bus stops that are under-subscribed by the middle of may are cancelled. However, it is also possible to register at a later time if there is still space, by sending an email to no later than June 30th. Unfortunately, it is not possible to register on the bus or at campus.

If a bus stop is canceled and another suitable one is not available, Camp Tournesol will issue a full refund.

In most cases and as much as possible, a Tournesol counsellor is on the bus with the campers, otherwise, the bus driver is responsible for the campers.

Water Days on Thursdays

Come and splash with us at our French Camps!

In all of our French Camps throughout the GTA, we take campers on a fun-filled splash pad adventure every Thursday.

These highly-anticipated “water days” at our French summer camps, are packed with a nature hike, nature interpretation, fun on the playground, splashing around on the splash pad, camp games, sports (soccer, frisbees etc.), and lunch on site.

We encourage your child to bring a “litterless” lunch on water day. Because these are all outdoor programs; please make sure to pack the following:

  • a water bottle to refill,
  • change of clothes / wear bathing suit
  • a towel
  • a litterless lunch,
  • sunscreen,
  • good walking shoes

We will go rain or shine. In case of severe weather conditions, the water day will be canceled and can not be rescheduled. In all cases, the children will have access to a small beach type pool, a wading pool or splash pad. More details will be included in the parent handbook that is sent out in late May. Unfortunately, parent volunteers are not accepted on these trips.

The water day destinations are different each week and for each campus. To find out the exciting Splash Pad destination for your local campus, visit the location page.

Camp Tournesol reserves the right to change the water day destinations at any time without notice.

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