School year French Programs

Satisfactory French skills are made inside the classroom. But outstanding verbal and written French skills are made outside the school walls. So why not help your kinder or grade 1-3 child boost their skills with these fun and engaging French enrichment programs? Our school-year programs feel nothing like school, so your child won’t even be able to believe they are actually “learning”! Interested? Find out more information below.

School Year French Enrichment

Boost Your Child’s Confidence With Our School Year French Program!

From reading and singing, to crafts and card games, Camp Tournesol’s French School Year Program gives your child a fun and friendly place to learn and practice French outside of the classroom.

By immersing your child in French early, you instill within them the confidence to speak a new language and to master a new skill.

French Enrichment Programs For Grade 1 To Grade 3

In our French Enrichment Programs, students will make new friends, practice French and have fun in the process!

A small eight-student capacity creates the ideal environment to foster growth in students and encourage them to become engaged and eager learners.


This French enrichment program is only open to French Immersion students in grade 1 to 3. It has specifically been designed to strengthen the students’ reading and verbal skills so they can feel confident speaking French both in and outside the classroom.

Each week, students build upon their reading and verbal skills through reading and comprehension activities, singing French songs, playing language-rich board games and completing French worksheets.

Students improve their reading skills by reading their chosen book with the teacher on a weekly basis.

To keep the ratio at 1:5, teachers will be assisted by French immersion high school students whenever required.

The French Curriculum includes:20141206_103544

  • Cooperation Games
  • Reading Club / reading comprehension
  • Workbook exercises
  • Card games
  • Songs

“I was so happy to see that the Counsellor did spend time to work with my daughter on reading and on her school assignments.”

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Location: 366 Revus Ave – Unit 25 Mississauga, L5G 4S5

Fall session: 10 sessions / $250 + HST

Grades 1 to 3Saturdays from 11:00AM to 12:30PMfrom October 1st to December 10th

Winter session: 10 sessions / $250 + HST

Grades 1 to 3Saturdays from 10:00AM to 11:30PMfrom February 4th to April 15th
(exclude March 11th)
Grades 1 to 3Tuesdays from 5:00PM to 6:30PMfrom February 7th to April 18th
(excludes March 14th)
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