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3 Reasons Why Group Language-Learning Beats Going It Alone

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Does your child want to enhance their French skills but hasn’t yet found the most effective way to go about it? While some children may initially feel more comfortable resigning to their desk with a handful of French worksheets and studying alone, there is certainly a case to be made about learning a new language in a group setting.


Well, here are 3 reasons why you should encourage your child to learn French in a group rather than alone:

#1 Practicing and Talking In Your New Language

When learning a new language, it’s important to use your language rather than just read what’s written on a page; the best way to use your new language is to practice communicating in a group setting. In fact, experts agree that a group of students learning together is not only beneficial, but a natural and essential part of the language learning experience.

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#2 Stay Motivated

It’s no secret that the process of learning a language can be difficult. Sometimes it might feel like you’re climbing an enormous mountain with no end in sight. So when learning a new language, it’s vital to keep motivation high.

When you’re faced with the common challenges and frustrations of learning a new language, it’s easy to close the books and give up. But when you’re surrounded with a supportive, like-minded community of language learners, you are more likely to persist through the obstacles and continue to move toward your shared goals.
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For example, imagine you woke up one morning and decided to run 5K. If you were running all alone and you started feeling exhausted by the 3K mark, you might stop dead in your tracks and call it quits! But if you were running alongside a group, would you stop? Probably not.

That is the power of working toward your goals as a group rather than going it alone. Even something as simple as a pat on the back or a high-five can help keep you motivated, resilient and on the right path.




#3 Take Advantage Of Various Learning Styles

Naturally, when you come together in a group setting, each member adds their own individual learning style into the mix. When you benefit from different learning styles, you’re able to learn more dynamically and broaden your perspective on your new language so you can reach your language-learning goals faster than simply relying on your own personal learning style.

In what other ways do you find learning in a group beats learning solo?

Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!


Written by: Martine Brouillet

About Martine: Driven to make an impact in second-language learner children in their quest to become bilingual, Martine Brouillet founded Camp Tournesol in 2001 in Ontario, Canada. The company’s flagship French camps have since become leaders in this market, welcoming tens of thousands of children and spawning sister products servicing these families such as the Brouillet French Academy. Her passion and concern for the environment inspired her to create a new brand of eco-friendly camps, workshops, and summits: Love My Plant. To learn more about Camp Tournesol, visit www.campt.ca

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