4 Unforgettable French Immersion Experiences

 4 Unforgettable French Immersion Experiences French Immersion Experiences Abroad

“Can I go on a trip to Quebec or France to practice my French?”…

As soon as the question escapes your child’s mouth, you’re left speechless. Although you agree that the time has come for your child to take his or her French language-learning journey to the next level, you don’t know where to begin your search.

The good news is, a French Immersion experience abroad or out-of-province doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive. In fact, there are a number of extremely affordable immersion experiences that you may have never knew existed until now.

Here is a list of our recommended options for your child to have the trip of a lifetime while gaining valuable experience and developing their French language skills:

#1 Volunteer in a Native French-Speaking Community

Volunteering abroad or out of province is a unique way to experience a whole new culture, meet new people and develop language skills while also making an important contribution to a new community.

Beyond improved French skills and a sense of contribution, there are also a number of surprising benefits of volunteering, including: feeling like you have more time on your hand, develop talents to help you get ahead, lower rates of depression and better overall health.

Interested in exploring potential French volunteer opportunities for your child?

The Edu-inter Volunteer and Learn French program is a great place to start. It’s an organization that recruits students to live and volunteer in Quebec city while learning and practicing French.

#2 Take a French Language Course Abroad or Out-of-Province

Your child can accelerate their development in French by taking a French language course while simultaneously being immersed in a French culture.

There are countless French language courses offered abroad for students who want to dive deeper in their French language studies while also experiencing a native French-speaking culture.

Visit Education First for student exchange programs in France

If your child is a native French speaker, check out Destination Clic!

For out-of-province student exchange opportunities, visit Explore and Odyssey

#3 Find an Exchange Partner

There are dozens of exchange programs specifically designed for students who want to experience a new culture in a French-speaking country or city.

What is an exchange program?

An exchange program is when a student stays with a host family in another city to learn more about the city’s culture while strengthening their language skills. Often, the student in the host family will then “exchange places” and stay with your family to learn more about your culture and practice English.

Wondering how you can get your child enrolled in an exchange program?

Here are a few recommended options:

The International Student Exchange

The Canadian Education Exchange Foundation

Exchanges Canada

Experiences Canada


#4 Work Abroad

Your French Immersion student might also want to boost their CV with valuable work experience while also practicing and learning French. If a work exchange is an area of interest for your 16 or 17 year-old, you might want to check out The YMCA’s Summer Work Student Exchange Program or Languages at Work.

Do you know any other parents who would also benefit from learning about the 4 ways their child can have an unforgettable French Immersion experience?

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Do you know of any other French exchange opportunities that we haven’t listed here?

Feel free to share them with our Camp Tournesol community in the comments below!

Information about the third party organizations is provided for reference only. Tournesol is not responsible for the quality of the services provided by these third party organizations. Their inclusion in this blog is not an endorsement by Tournesol. Parents and guardians should research the organizations themselves before using them.

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  1. Are there any programs for French pen pals? My granddaughter and grandson are in a FI program, 3rd grade and kdg. I’m looking more for the 9 yr. old. (I’m also looking for good chapter books, which is how I found your website!)

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