Virtual French Programs

“Lauren’s experience with the virtual classes at Tournesol during these uncertain times we all face has not only enriched her French and increased her confidence but has helped make self-isolation feel less isolating.”

“Thank you so much for offering the virtual classes and being adaptable from week to week.  We’re really impressed by your commitment!”

“I like this program because children can use their skills and are having fun. I am alternating this program with the reading program to give a break from the (welcome) academic approach of the reading program.”

“This program has been essential during this difficult time. It has provided much-needed structure and routine while delivering a fun program and daily practice with a patient instructor.”

French Day Camps

“This is the second year my son attended Camp Tournesol at the Bloor West location (this year for two weeks) and he just loves this camp! From the games and sports to the splash pad day and the lunches he raved about every night, overall a great experience! And we love it that he’s improving his French all the while. Personally, I love the daily Facebook and Instagram posts. Next year my daughter will also join. Looking forward to when they are old enough to attend the overnight camps (!) and also the Quebec trip (!!). Merci to everyone at Camp Tournesol.” – Melissa A


“I am very happy that I registered my children for this camp. Not only did their French improve but they discovered that ‘learning French’ can be fun. The highlight for me was my daughter awaking from a bad dream and asking in French if she could sleep in my room. That’s when I knew that I made the right decision sending them to Camp Tournesol. We will be returning every year!”

”The kids have a great time at the camp. They also learned to sing some new songs in French, which is amazing. Thanks for all of ur hard work.” – Joyce


“I wanted to express how happy I am with this camp. I was so nervous my kids wouldn’t like it because it was in French but it was actually the opposite. They didn’t give me a hard time about going every morning – which does not happen during the school year and the camp leaders were AMAZING.  My daughter absolutely fell in love with her counselor’s gentle and warm manner.”

“We are delighted to be part of Camp Tournesol for the second year and we can’t wait until summer vacation starts! My daughter’s French improved tremendously during her time at Camp Tournesol last year and her teachers noticed the improvement.”


“My daughter had a great summer, her time at Camp Tournesol and would always come home happy and telling me great stories about the day! I will definitely sign her up again next year.” Michelle L

“This was our family’s first year joining the Camp Tournesol family at the Mississauga North location and our son had a great time. They are very pleasant and have lots of fun activities for children. They encourage the campers to exercise their French capabilities. Great Camp!” – Jennifer F.


“My son has been attending Camp Tournesol for many years now. First the day camps now the overnight camps and absolutely loves it.  He has made many new friends and looks forward to the group getting together year after year.  He loves the water activities, each year is something new and different and for me….he has a great opportunity to practice his French before the school season resumes again.  Staff are wonderful, very professional and lots of fun!!” – Elizabeth M.

“My daughter enjoyed the camp. This was our second year and she will be back for a third. The daily activities are engaging and the counselors are very personable. A great way to learn french !!” – Lawrencia N.


“My kids had an amazing week…first day after picking them up they asked me if they can come back to the camp next year but for more weeks…lol…I guess that says it all.”

“Fantastic experience for our 7 year old daughter – no complaints! Loved every minute!”

“A very well run camp from all perspectives! Every year my child asks me to sign up for more weeks the following year!!”

Kinder French Camps

“My boys (5yo Ian and 7yo Eli) just finished a week of day camp at Mississauga North (and last week at Mississauga South) and they had a wonderful time.  We came all the way from Tokyo, Japan and picked Toronto because our airline stopped here (ha) and because we’ve always wanted to expose them to some French.  They already speak Japanese, English, and Chinese with some Taiwanese in there but we really weren’t sure how they would react to a new city, new friends, new environment, new teachers, and a new language (two days after getting off a 15 hour flight).  But they LOVED the camp! Last week they had a wonderful counselor named Alice (who spoke Chinese/Taiwanese so they were really impressed) and this week they had the wonderful Elora and Stephanie.  We wanted to express our sincere gratitude and were really happy with our decision to stop by Toronto.”


“This was my son’s first time trying out Camp Tournesol. He’s going into French Immersion this fall and had no prior knowledge or experience in French but he seems to have really enjoyed the camp! The camp itself was organized and well run, and my mom and husband -who did most of the dropoffs and pickups- were impressed with how energetic and engaging the main counselor was. My son said that the camp was fun and was happy to go each morning. He picked up a few phrases and words in French (granted, he wasnt going to become fluent in a week, haha) and was at least interested to learn the language and to share what he has learnt. Will definitely put him back next year. Merci!” – Helen B.

“Camp Tournesol at Mississauga North was a wonderful experience for our 6 year old son who will be starting French immersion in September.  The counselors were kind and energetic, providing him with individual attention as well as providing a fantastic group atmosphere.  Our son would come home everyday with a smile on his face, stories to share, and a growing vocabulary and love of French.  We’ll definitely be sending him back next summer! :)” – Jen T.


“I sent my 4.5 yo son to Camp Tournesol (Toronto Center) for a week. He had some basic french and I wanted to give him a bit of a boost before starting french immersion SK. He had a ball and is looking forward to returning next summer. The staff made french fun and he is now looking forward to getting to practice at school. Thank you Camp Tournesol for a positive experience and great value for money.” – Jessica O.

“This is my daughter’s second time at Camp Tournesol (kindergarten group), and she has loved it each time, and wants MORE time at camp. I have been so impressed with the friendliness of the counselors and how much my daughter has absorbed under the caring instruction. I would totally recommend this camp!” – Heather T.


“On était très content avec l’animation du programme. Notre fille était si joyeuse pendant le camp! Our main goal was to introduce her to French prior to French Immersion in a way that would be fun and enjoyable. She left camp each day full of energy and joy. Councillors Elora and Steph(f)anie were terrific. We love that they focused on basics such as manners and relatable, intro vocabulary such as animals and alphabet. On va enregistrer avec vous encore en 2018!” – Raiman D.

“Put my daughter in Camp Tournesol before the start of french immersion this Sept to ease my mind if she would succeed and thrive at a new language. She loved camp and learned so much french in 4 weeks. I’m excited for her to start school and to come back to camp. Love love love the counselor. Well done Camp Tournesol.” – Lisa L.


“Camp Tournesol (Vaughan) has provided a fantastic summer camp experience for my 5.5 year old daughter. She was always welcomed with a warm and cheerful “Bonjour! Comment ça va ?” in the morning and “Au revoir” when it’s time to leave. She enjoyed the daily activities and the new friends she has made but most importantly the kindness and enthusiasm of all the counselors has made her experience so memorable that she didn’t want it to end. She was sad to say, “Au revoir” and that she would miss everyone dearly. Thank you Lauren, Mouzhan, Marissa, Stephanie and Chanel! Counselors who enjoy being with young children and who like educating young minds makes children want to come back to learn more. For a shy girl, her 4 weeks with all of you has made her a little less apprehensive and intimidated about starting grade 1 French Immersion in the Fall at a new school. She can only hope to see you next Summer or more counselors with your energy, enthusiasm and kindness.” – Jayshree S


“I just wanted to share that my son Owen is just finishing his 3rd and last week at the Mississauga Nord campus and he has had an outstanding time. He was very shy and nervous because this is his first time at camp and the staff have been so wonderful. I have consistently been impressed with the counselors. Please extend my special thanks to his counselors Stephanie, Elora and Erika, these ladies have done a fabulous job! Thank you so much for a wonderful 3 weeks!” – Kerrie S

“Our daughter was very happy. She had amazing time. She made new friends and this week was very active and educational. We would recommend it to our friends. Thank you CAMP TOURNESOL! See you next year!”


“My daughter’s experience exceeded our expectations. It was so wonderful to hear her speak to us in french. It has given her the confidence to start french immersion in September.”

“Ava enjoyed her camp tremendously. She came home full of stories, loved her French morning and became a much more confident speaker. We can’t wait for next summer!”

CIT program


“Alice is definitely applying to return next summer as she enjoyed the program and keeps talking about her experience as a CIT at Mississauga North campus.”


“My son has been attending the Camp since Grade 1 and now he is a CIT. It has been a great experience for him and he always enjoys himself. The staff are very professional, put their all into the kids, and we have never had one issue. I am glad we can offer the same experience for our daughter especially since both my kids struggled with French in grade 1 and the camp helped them improve their French to the point they are very comfortable speaking it.” – Claudio G

Learn French Camps

“I am thrilled I sent my daughter to Camp Tournesol. As an English speaking family, my daughter has little chance to practice her French (she is not in Immersion). This not only gave her an opportunity to speak French, but she also had an incredible time.“

“My daughter Annalise had a great time at the camp. She learnt French quickly and liked the camp a lot. She even sang the camp song at home. She said she wants to come back next year.”

“I wanted to send you some quick feedback regarding the camp that my boys attended last week in North York.  They both had an amazing time. I was a little worried that my little one would be bored and my older son would be overwhelmed as he is an emerging french speaker. However, both of them came home with great feedback and a huge smile on their faces!” – Jennifer

French Overnight Camps

“Jadon had a blast and the first thing he said, was ‘Can I go again next year?’. This, after I had to bribe him and almost force him to try the overnight camp! I’m so relieved and happy, Jadon had such an amazing experience. Needless to say he’ll be back next year. Thank you very kindly for the bath towel. We appreciate  everything you and your great team have been doing for our kids.”

“Our kids came back from the camp, dirty, exhausted but all happy. They had a wonderful time! Thank you and all your staff.”

“Sean had a wonderful time at camp Wildfire (1+4)! The staff were really great and he enjoyed all of the activities. It was a great introduction for him for overnight camp.”

“This was our first experience with an overnight camp and I was very impressed with how well organized and smoothly the entire trip was. My daughter had such an amazing time that she even forgot she was speaking in french the entire time….she is recruiting her friends and planning next summer’s trip….thanks Camp Tournesol for giving my daughter a memorable experience with her first overnight trip!”

“Loved how connected the camp leaders kept families with the group via social media…felt like we were right there camping too! My daughter can’t wait to go on another French camps!”


“This was my daughter’s first experience at an over night camp, and she loved it! The counselors were all kind, friendly and enthusiastic. They spoke French very well, and you could tell they were enthusiastic fluent speakers of the language. The camp provided opportunities for my daughter to participate in a wide variety of fun activities, in a safe and beautiful environment, with friendly people, while supporting the maintenance and development of her French language listening and speaking skills. The daily posting of pictures of the kids engaged in camp activities was great. I really liked seeing pictures of my daughter smiling with friends having fun doing different activities. I also liked the daily camp blog updates. I really hope our schedule allows for us to send our daughter to this camp next year; we would even consider sending her for multiple weeks either together or separated.”


“My 9 year old daughter really enjoyed her first overnight camp experience with Camp Tournesol at Bracebridge this summer! The counselors were very enthusiastic, warm and friendly, and they all spoke French fluently. The counselors seemed to be speaking French because they wanted to, and not solely because they were required to as a part of the job. My daughter really liked the Bracebridge camp facilities and food. She also really liked the wide variety of activities available at the camp (e.g. tubing, squirrel, climbing, canoeing, swimming, fishing, archery, golf, etc.), as well as the games that were organized. As a parent, I really like the daily updates on Camp Tournesol’s Facebook page with pictures of the kids participating in the day’s activities, and the daily updates to the Camp Tournesol webpage camp blog with a synopsis of the day’s activities. Those updates helped give me a good idea what was going on at camp, and I loved being able to see pictures of my daughter with a big smile on her face as she was participating in lots of different activities, some of them for the first time. Other things I appreciated about this camp as a parent include the comprehensive parent handbook (including bios of the staff, packing lists, itinerary, etc), the website videos about the camp, the camp online orientation session, and the transportation between Toronto and the camp. My daughter liked the camp so much she wants to return next year, for a longer time!” – Christina T

Quebec Trip


“Our child commented that everyone in Quebec “lives” in French just like we live in English. They don’t just speak French in school, they speak French all the time! She loved it and kept breaking into French as she told about the trip. We are so pleased.”


“I just wanted to let you know that Alexander and Sebastien had an incredible time!!!  They came back with “once in a lifetime” stories! It was a great balance of french education, Quebec culture, history and heritage, natural/outdoor life experiences – they loved Tadoussac!!!, as well as meeting incredible people and making new friendships! Kudos to the amazing Valerie, Annie and Eloise for adding so much to this magical experience for the kids! Thank you for an amazing experience for our kids!”


“My daughter returned from the Quebec trip yesterday, full of wonderful stories about her 2 weeks with Camp Tournesol. She had a fabulous trip and I hope you will pass on our thanks to everyone who organized the trip and say how much we appreciate their devotion to the youngsters.”


“My daughter really enjoyed the trip to Quebec – they saw so many different places and experienced so many different things. She especially enjoyed the white water rafting, whale watching, canyoning and the ghost tour in Old Quebec City.” – Kim D

French Tutoring

“Wonderful tutors, engaging curriculum and convenient online. Recommend.” – Nomi R.


“Marie Élyse has been fantastic with my daughter. We are really enjoying the tutoring sessions.”


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