Camp T’s Favourite French Playlists For Kids!

Camp T's Favourite French Playlists For Kids!

There are lots of different methods with which different kids can learn and practice the French language, but to find the right way, sometimes it’s more important to consider the kid rather than the method. All children are unique, and so they also learn in different, quirky ways. Some learn and retain information better when they can see it visually, some do better when they have it explained to them, and some retain better by hearing the information set to a rhythm or melody!

The educational benefits of music are well-documented. Studies have shown that music has very positive effects on both our brain and our body. Listening to music activates both the left and right side of the brain and when both hemispheres are humming it can maximize learning and has also been shown to improve memory!

It’s not just any old tune that you can use to help your kids on their French-learning journey though. First of all, they need to be in French (duh), and they need to be arranged in a way that the kids can understand and will give them a boost in their learning. 

But have no fear, because Camp T is here! We’ve scoped out the web looking for the best educational French music for kids and we found enough to make two beautiful playlists on Spotify for you guys to check out with your little ones!

Petite Enfance Playlist (French Immersion Grades SK to 2)Petite Enfance Playlist

This is a playlist we cooked up here at Camp Tournesol for all of our beginner French-learners. It’s a great resource to use to supplement your child’s learning of the French language and will be a boon to their vocabulary: it’s always easier to remember words and vocabulary when you can sing it in rhythm! 
The playlist is great for those looking at the Kinder Program for toddlers and youngsters just getting started on their journey. It’s also perfect for any children that show an interest in learning about French and becoming a francophone! 

It features 43 songs for a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes of running time and features French and educational classics such as Tete, Epaule, Genoux, Pieds, L’Arraignee Eensy Weensy, Petit Escargot, and many more!

Camp Français (French Immersion Grades 3 to 5)Camp Francais Playlist

This second playlist is targeting a more wide range of French-speakers and learners. While it’s still an awesome learning resource to actually teach the language because of the music-memory connection, it’s aimed more specifically at those that have a decent grasp of the language already and are looking to practice their French in a fun, dynamic way.
Not only will the songs help your children practice their French, but they’re also just good, quality songs that your kids might take a liking to apart from the fact that they’re sung in French! Consuming French media is one of the most fun and surprisingly effective ways to practice French: if you spend your free time listening to people sing and speak in French, it will undoubtedly become more ingrained in your brain!
This playlist is chock full of 33 lovely French songs for a total running time of about two hours. It features classic French numbers like Le P’tit Bonheur, Degenerations (a personal favourite of the author), C’est La Vie, and many more from acclaimed French artists including Mes Aieux, MIKA, Stromae, and more!

If you’ve found any other fun or interesting French playlists on Spotify, be sure to share them with us and the rest of the CampT community in the comments or through our social media!


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