5 Tips To Creating An Easy Breezy Transition To French Immersion

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French camper and counsellor smiling

September is near and the anxiety has started creeping in. Early last winter, you decided to enroll your child in French Immersion (FI). But now that September is almost upon

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5 Tips To Transform Your Family Holiday Into A Learning Opportunity

Posted 06.21.16 By: | Categories: Education
5 tips for learning opportunity

Your highly-anticipated family holiday is just around the corner and you’ve already made your list of things to do. But you may have overlooked one of the big opportunities your

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Dealing With Bullying: 6 Ways To Help Bullied Kids & Teens

Posted 02.09.16 By: | Categories: Education
Bullied kids

Everyday, kids and teens across the country wake up scared to go to school. 1 in 3 Canadian teens have reported being bullied, and 47% of parents report having children

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The Ultimate Shortlist of French Activities For The Holidays

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French for kids article in French activities for the holidays

School’s almost out for the Christmas holidays…   …You’re finally finishing up your Christmas shopping and getting your home holiday ready.   But now the question is: “How do I

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5 Ways To Boost Kids’ Confidence In Language-Learning

Posted 10.20.15 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Education

Have you ever tried to learn something totally new?   Maybe you attempted an entirely new project at work? Or even a new recipe for a group of guests?  

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Homework: Keep it, Trash it, or Reinvent it

Posted 09.29.15 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Education

Ah yes, homework: the never-ending source of tension and discussion between parents and children. If you’ve heard bits and pieces of the new homework debate, then you’ll definitely want to

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5 Tips To Get Your Child To Tell You About Their Day

Posted 07.24.15 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Education
French campers smiling

Does it ever feel like you’re talking to a wall when you ask your kids about their day? If you’re like most parents, when you ask your child about his

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What Makes Camp Tournesol a Great Educational Camp

Posted 07.22.15 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Education
French campers reading a book

  #1: What is the focus of the program? FRENCH, FRENCH, FRENCH….our main purpose is to develop the skills and confidence in campers to speak french in a social and

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5 Tips To Support Your Child In French Immersion When You Don’t Speak French

Posted 06.22.15 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Education
French camper and staff smiling

Setting Your Child Up For Success In French Immersion   You enrolled your child in French Immersion because you were excited about the flurry of positive benefits the program provides.

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Don’t Pick An Educational Summer Camp Until You Ask These 10 Questions

Posted 06.12.15 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Education

Having trouble picking a program for your child this summer?   Feeling overwhelmed with the endless options?     If you’re like most parents, you want your child to have

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