The importance of reading

Posted 12.11.14 By: | Categories: Education, News, teacher's corner

  Reading is all around us even if you are not holding a book , you are reading in many different ways ! At a very young age your child […]

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Top Picks: Helping Your Child Practice French At Every Age

Posted 12.10.14 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, News

  “I’m worried my child will fall behind…how can I motivate my child to practice French?” It’s one of the most common questions I get asked from parents just like […]

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Is learning a second language worth it for your child?

Posted 04.24.14 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, News

  Making the commitment to raise your child bilingual or trilingual is an important decision. You may wonder if it is worth imposing the added layer of learning, or whether […]

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Announcing a new program for 4 year olds

Posted 03.12.14 By: | Categories: News

Camp Tournesol is pleased to build on the continued success of our French summer camps with the introduction of an exciting new program for 4 year olds. Les Bouts D’Choux […]

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