New Positions at Camp Tournesol

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New Positions at Camp Tournesol

Every year, Camp Tournesol receives an outpouring of emails, phone calls and letters from happy parents thrilled to share the positive feedback they hear from their little campers. But the

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5 Tips To Creating An Easy Breezy Transition To French Immersion

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French camper and counsellor smiling

September is near and the anxiety has started creeping in. Early last winter, you decided to enroll your child in French Immersion (FI). But now that September is almost upon

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5 Ways To Help Your Child Prepare For Their First Day Of Camp

Posted 07.07.16 By: | Categories: camp
Campers at French camp

The first day of camp can be daunting for any child (and parent!). Like most kids, your child might be feeling hesitant to go somewhere new and meet people they

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5 Tips To Transform Your Family Holiday Into A Learning Opportunity

Posted 06.21.16 By: | Categories: Education
5 tips for learning opportunity

Your highly-anticipated family holiday is just around the corner and you’ve already made your list of things to do. But you may have overlooked one of the big opportunities your

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Top 10 French Activities in the GTA

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Face painting at French Kids Activity in Toronto

  French Activities in the GTA There’s no better place in Canada to get your daily dose of multiculturalism than in Toronto. Did you know that you can expose your

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5 Reasons Why Community And Mentorship Matter In Your Bilingual Journey

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Campers and counselor at French camp

Anyone who has been successful in any area hasn’t just had a stroke of “luck”. Their success was likely a combination of trial and error, perseverance and learnt skills. The

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Top 7 board games to enrich French language learning and where to get them.

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Board games to learn French

Most ordinary day camps strive to meet one goal: to create an active, outdoor experience where campers can have fun in a safe and nurturing environment. But Camp Tournesol rises

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Why French Exposure Is Crucial During Your Child’s 9-Week Summer Break

Posted 04.28.16 By: | Categories: Bilingualism
French campers smiling

In as little as 2 months, the last school bell of the year will ring and students will flood out of the doors excited to kick off their summer break.

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Learning a Second Language: Is it worth it for your child?

Posted 03.29.16 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Blog
boy learning a new language

It’s no secret that learning a new language requires a strong commitment, focus and determination. You may have also heard about the benefits learning a new language can provide. Yet

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The Science Of Why Your Child Should Have Experiences Without You

Posted 03.16.16 By: | Categories: Blog
French campers in front of cabins

  One of the greatest joys of parenthood is getting to be a part of the joy and exhilaration of sharing new experiences with your children. But what if sharing

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