FREE ‘À La Maison’ Workbook in FRENCH!

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Since many families have been forced to stay at home during this trying time, our team of enthusiastic educators has prepared a workbook to help your children learn while having […]

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Your One-Stop Shop For Fun Stay-At-Home Activities!

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stay at home

We know this is a trying time with many stuck at their homes. Most parents in this situation are probably looking for home activities for their children. Whether you still […]

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How Camp Tournesol is Dealing With Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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At first, no one expected the Coronavirus to spread as far as it did, now affecting people in over 120 countries. The virus has sparked a lot of questions. How […]

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7 Apps That Will Help Your Child Practice French

Posted 02.26.20 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Blog, Parenting

Wondering what you can do to help your French language learning child to enrich their French outside of school? A real help would be registering them in one of Camp […]

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Top 35 French Films for Kids

Posted 02.24.20 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Blog

The most effective and efficient way to learn a new language is to take it with you outside of the traditional learning setting. For kids, this is especially important. We know that […]

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French Books Your Child Will Want To Read!

Posted 02.22.20 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Blog, Parenting

  We surveyed more than 2000 French immersion families and asked only one question: What is your #1 challenge in supporting your child in their French language journey? The vast […]

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FREE ‘La Famille’ Workbook in FRENCH!

Posted 02.11.20 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Blog, Workbook

Family Day is right around the corner, a wonderful time when you can relax and spend quality time with your loved ones. Sharing delicious home-cooked meals, playing games, and laughing […]

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Children Will Unlock The Builder In Them At Our Builders Inc. Camp This Summer!

Posted 02.04.20 By: | Categories: Blog, Camp
minecraft camp

This summer at our Minecraft camp your creative kids will be immersed in a fun, week-long experience where they’ll learn how to build creations and structures! Join us this season […]

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Your Kids Will Become Budding Environmentalists At Eco Camp This Summer!

Posted 02.03.20 By: | Categories: Blog, Camp
eco camp

This summer your adventurous kids will learn loads about the planet and how to care of it at our nature camp! Join us this season at our Eco Explorers camp, […]

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Our Film Camp Will Turn Your Kids Into Fledgling Filmmakers This Summer!

Posted 01.24.20 By: | Categories: Blog, Camp
film camp

Get ready for a crash course in video editing and the art of filmmaking with our film camp! Join us this season at our Director’s Chair camp, one of our […]

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