Top 7 Child-Friendly French Activities For This Holiday Season

Posted 12.17.20 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Blog, Parenting

Snow has fallen and the cold weather is here, and Camp Tournesol can guarantee a happy holiday season sprinkled with la Francophonie! What’s better than spending time with your family, […]

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The Ultimate List of French Learning Resources

Posted 04.06.20 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Blog, Parenting

We at Camp Tournesol are passionate about bringing French learning outside of the classroom. And now that they’re staying at home without the benefit of French or French Immersion schooling, […]

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Your One-Stop Shop For Fun Stay-At-Home Activities!

Posted 03.19.20 By: | Categories: Blog, Parenting
stay at home

We know this is a trying time with many stuck at their homes. Most parents in this situation are probably looking for home activities for their children. Whether you still […]

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7 Apps That Will Help Your Child Practice French

Posted 02.26.20 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Blog, Parenting

Wondering what you can do to help your French language learning child to enrich their French outside of school? A real help would be registering them in one of Camp […]

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French Books Your Child Will Want To Read!

Posted 02.22.20 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Blog, Parenting

  We surveyed more than 2000 French immersion families and asked only one question: What is your #1 challenge in supporting your child in their French language journey? The vast […]

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Need Fun Gift Ideas? Discover the Adventures of Asterix!

Posted 12.16.19 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Blog, Parenting

For the first time since 2017 the wildly popular French Astérix comic series have come out with a new edition, Astérix et La Fille de Vercingetorix. Since it’s available right in […]

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Sibling Rivalry: Why it happens and how to work through it

Posted 12.06.19 By: | Categories: Blog, Parenting

Sibling rivalries have been a part of family life since the beginning of time. Sometimes they’re harmless, but they can often contribute to a negative relationship between your children. To […]

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FREE Winter Workbook in FRENCH!

Posted 12.02.19 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Blog, Parenting, Workbook

Cold weather, warm mittens, and hot chocolate – the winter spirit is definitely in the air! We wish that everyday could consist of tobogganing and building snowmen, but sometimes all […]

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FREE French Workbook: « Les émotions »

Posted 11.01.19 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Blog, Parenting, Workbook

If you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate French learning at home, we’ve got you covered! Our experts at Camp Tournesol have been hard at work creating free resources […]

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FREE Autumn Workbook in FRENCH!

Posted 09.18.19 By: | Categories: Bilingualism, Blog, Parenting, Workbook

The leaves are changing colours and the days are getting shorter … fall is here! What are we to do on those rainy and chilly days that become more and […]

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