How to transform a family holiday into a learning opportunity

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French campers at the lake

In Ontario – with a common school calendar across the province – it is tempting to take advantage of the “off season” fares when travelling. Providing your child with priceless […]

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Power of words

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  “I am so proud of you…” Every parent has uttered these words to their child. Although it is natural for us to always be proud of our children, it […]

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The homework discussion

Posted 02.18.15 By: | Categories: Education, teacher's corner

  Homework will always be a source of discussion and/ or tension between parents and children. Recently at my school, we invited parents and teachers to have a conversation regarding […]

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The “How was your day ?” conversation!

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  Every day when we get back home, we are often greeted by “how was your day ?” Whether you’re welcoming a young child or a teenager, the answer is […]

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The importance of reading

Posted 12.11.14 By: | Categories: Education, News, teacher's corner

  Reading is all around us even if you are not holding a book , you are reading in many different ways ! At a very young age your child […]

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