Children Will Unlock The Builder In Them At Our Builders Inc. Camp This Summer!

This summer at our Minecraft camp your creative kids will be immersed in a fun, week-long experience where they’ll learn how to build creations and structures! Join us this season at our Builders Inc. camp, one of our five Specialty Camps for the 2020 summer.

Any kids out there who love to build or create things? With our Minecraft camp, your children will get the chance to really test their creativity and ability to build and construct small architectural creations with the help of 3DuxDesign’s eco-friendly builder kits. If your child is curious, creative, and/or showing a budding interest in buildings or how things are made, this is the camp for them! Whether they’re into architecture, buildings, Lego, Minecraft, or simply want to try their hand at something new and intriguing, there’s a place for your kid at our Builders Inc. camp.

At this informative and exciting new Builders Inc. camp your kids will get to create, construct, and show off their own incredible designs and creations. Our live-action Minecraft-like program will see campers constructing awesome structures and worlds they could only previously dream of. With the help of 3DuxDesign’s wonderful builder kits, your youngsters will get the chance to learn about different kinds of communities and living spaces, while at the same time building their own amazing creations. Our trained staff will work closely with novice builders that need more assistance and allow time and space for more experienced or skilled builders to make their incredible visions come to life. No matter if your kid is just getting into building and creating, or if they already fancy themselves the new Bob the Builder, all children that come through our Minecraft camp will come out as budding architects, builders, and creators!

Campers attending our Builders Inc. program will take part in exclusive workshops from Monday to Wednesday where they will learn how to build structures and communities with functional electrical add-ons. Then on Friday, our builders will take part in a showcase where they will present their creations to the other children and eventually to you!

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This Minecraft camp will have your children so entertained and invested in building their own structures and designs that they won’t even recognize that school is actually in session! Our builders will leave the program with better problem-solving skills, increased spatial sense, and of course a much larger imagination! Campers will also learn how to bring their ideas to life, and gain a better understanding of architectural needs in different communities.

You won’t believe just how knowledgeable and creative your builders will be when they get home after a week at our Minecraft camp! They’ll also return with their own little creation, as well as a new and blossoming interest in architecture and construction!

Camp Tournesol has been welcoming tens of thousands of enthusiastic campers to our wide array of French day and overnight camps since 2001, and now we’re proud to present our Specialty Camps offered entirely in English!

While these specialty camps are separate from the rest of our French camps, your builders will still join the rest of our enthusiastic campers for some water-fuelled fun at the weekly splash pad excursion on Thursday. They won’t miss out on the legendary imaginary campfire Wednesdays or our big festival Fridays either!

Click here for more info on dates, locations, and cost for our Minecraft camp’s fun and informative week of construction-themed activities!


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