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Day Camp or Overnight Camp: Which is Better for My Child?


Summer camps: Day camp or overnight camp… That is the question!

Though summer may seem far away, parents are already starting to think about what activities will occupy their children’s time over the summer break. This can prove to be a challenge at times because while you’re looking forward to them continuing their growth and development, they are simply looking forward to a break where they can relax and have fun with their friends. We see this dilemma all the time in our French summer camps! Why not make the most of their summer with a healthy balance of both? Summer camps offer the perfect opportunity for children to have fun building new, meaningful relationships while continuing to develop new and existing skills! (They also give you as the parent some well-deserved “me time”!)

So you’ve decided summer camp is for your child! Now the decision is whether day camp or overnight camp is right for them. Many parents like to involve their children in the selection process to help strengthen their self-advocacy and independence, but ultimately the final decision is up to you and whether you feel your child is ready to spend a week away from home, and whether you’re ready to let them.

Summer Day Camps

Many parents, particularly of younger children, prefer summer day camps. Summer day camps are often focused on arts, sports, or education, all of which will stimulate and engage your children throughout the summer. Each day camp presents different benefits for your children – they are an effective way to boost your child’s self-esteem, make new friends, and dabble in various activities they may want to pursue in the future.

Advantages of your child participating in our French summer day camps include:


Camp Tournesol offers French summer day camps that strive to improve your child’s oral abilities in French. Providing a completely French camp, we encourage campers to communicate entirely in French, promoting confidence and helping children learn new vocabulary and ways of sharing their ideas, all while ensuring they are comfortable with the language. The most important aspect of our camp is that we treat French as a fun activity, as it’s interwoven into every single activity (songs, activities, crafts and more!) We strive to have as much fun in French as possible, so that they see French as more that just a class at school.

Summer Overnight Camps

Participating in overnight camp has become an increasingly popular summer activity for children and teens. Our French overnight camps offer an immersive experience, providing children the environment to foster their social and emotional growth while immersing themselves in an engaging and fun environment.

Some families and children are often unsure about out French overnight camp and often ask themselves “Is my child old enough?”, “Are they ready to be away overnight?”, “Am I ready to let them go overnight!?” In the end, only you will know if your child is ready for French overnight camp.

Along with building independence and giving your child a mini get-away, our French overnight camps have a lot of benefits, including:

At Camp Tournesol, our French overnight camp will allow your child to be even more immersed in a French environment geared toward improving their verbal language skills. Compared to day camps, an overnight camp is 24/7 French exposure and practice where your child is continuously learning and then applying what they have learned. Because of the constant reinforcement and endless opportunities for practice, everything the campers learn is better retained.

Which to choose?

French Day camp is for children who:

French Overnight camps are best for children who:

Want something in between? Camp Tournesol offers partial overnight French summer camps that provide an easy transition between day and overnight camp.

Need More Information?

If you are unsure of which camp is best suitable for your child, give us a call, and we will be more than happy to discuss the different programs and give you a run-down of what you and your child can be expecting in each camp.

Email us at: info@campt.ca

Call us at: 1-888-593-3350


Written by: Amanda Cloutier

About Amanda: A lover of the French language since her first French classes in elementary school, Amanda pursued her post-secondary studies all with a focus on the French language, completing an Honours Bachelor of Arts in French Studies from the University of Waterloo, a Bachelor of Education at Nipissing University to certify her as an Ontario Certified Teacher for French at the secondary level, and a Master’s of Education from the University of Ottawa. Outside of her schooling, Amanda has always sought opportunities to grow her fluency in French, ultimately leading her to join the Camp Tournesol team as a counselor in 2013. Since, she has grown with the company, seeing first-hand how the programming Camp Tournesol offers impacts campers, families, and our counselors. Now a Program Director, Amanda is pleased to give back to the French language community, supporting new initiatives within Camp Tournesol (www.campt.ca) and Great French Tutors (www.greatfrenchtutors.ca).

Contact Amanda Cloutier at programs@campt.ca | 905-891-1889

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