Fête Champêtre


Location: TBA

Date: TBA

What is it ?

While other day camps are slowing down in August, Camp Tournesol is gearing up! At the end of August we are celebrating the conclusion of the summer season with our Fête Champêtre! This fun-filled day will feature the best of Camp Tournesol, including active games, keeping cool either in the pool or with water games, and the entire day will be in French for a fully immersive experience!


We have an entire day of fun-filled activities including a giant slip and slide! Campers will have the opportunity to rotate through all planned stations which include water slide, face painting, sports, Yoga Bingo, counselors vs campers games, tie-dye t-shirt workshop, and other water activities.

Swimming pool:

There will be a swimming pool accessible for children ages 7 and up who will be required to bring a life jacket and pass a swimming test. 


Your camper will be bused back and forth from their regular location without any additional fee. All campers will take a school bus from their campus, departing at 9:15 am and returning around 3 pm, to get to and from the festival.


We will be providing special treats such as freezies and popcorn. As usual, we will be serving our pizza lunch to those who ordered it.


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