Our Film Camp Will Turn Your Kids Into Fledgling Filmmakers This Summer!

Get ready for a crash course in video editing and the art of filmmaking with our film camp! Join us this season at our Director’s Chair camp, one of our five Specialty Camps for the 2020 summer.

Your kids will get a fun and informative introduction into filmmaking and film editing at our Director’s Chair film camp. This is a great camp for budding filmmakers or any children interested in movies. Whether you’re looking to sit right in that director’s chair, or be the one holding and controlling the camera, we’ve got a role for you in CampT’s Director’s Chair project!

During this new and exciting week campers will learn the ins and outs of filmmaking by working closely with an award-winning director, who will teach them how to film and cut their creation! At the end of this week, each group will have successfully shot and edited a short film, which they will be able to share with you! Don’t worry whether your child is new to making movies or is already well on their way to becoming the next Stephen Spielberg – this program is perfect for them!  

film camp

Our film and film-editing camp will have your children completely engaged in the filmmaking process together that they won’t even realize that school is also in session and they’re actually learning much more than just how to make a movie! Through this program, campers’ time management and problem solving skills will be strengthened, as well as their collaboration with peers, creativity, and comfort with technology. 

You will not believe your eyes when your kids show you what they were able to put together in a week with the guidance of their award-winning mentor! Your fresh, new filmmakers will come home with a greater confidence in their own creativity, as well as practical introductions to filmmaking skills such as how to work a camera and film-editing. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself starring in your youngster’s next short feature!

Camp Tournesol has been welcoming tens of thousands of enthusiastic campers to our wide array of French day and overnight camps since 2001, and now we’re proud to present our Specialty Camps offered entirely in English!

While these specialty camps are separate from the rest of our French camps, your little filmmakers will still join the rest of our enthusiastic campers for some water-fuelled fun at the weekly splash pad excursion on Thursday. They won’t miss out on the legendary imaginary campfire Wednesdays or our big festival Fridays either!

Click here for more info on dates, locations, and cost for our film camp’s fun and informative introduction to filmmaking!


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