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5 Tips To Support Your Child In French Immersion When You Don’t Speak French

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  1. Dear Martine,
    This past summer my daughter, Rebecca, was enrolled in your French camp at James Culnan and really enjoyed it. I happen to be on James Culnan’s Parent Council and we are in the mist of updating our parent run ‘Catholic School Parent Council’ website. We have a section on our site dedicated to ‘Parent Resources’ which mostly consists of website links to homework resources. We are really in need of adding some French resources for our families. Three years ago, our school introduced French immersion and we have French extended. This year we are introducing French immersion at the JK level and there will be at least 3 French immersion JK classes. Could you possibly recommend a list of French websites that would be useful to parents that we can post on our site? Naturally, we will be posting your site too. As well, we barely have any French books in our library (so sad) and our Parent Council is trying to rectify this. We have applied to the Indigo grant program, but didn’t win anything this time around. They encourage us to try again (apparently it can take up to 4 attempts to win a grant for most schools). Can you recommend how we can get our hands on free or cheap French books, especially for kids between JK and grade 3? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Our website recently changed its name from: http://www.jamesculnancsac.org to http://www.jamesculnanparentcouncil.org
    Please feel free to check out our site (e.g. we appreciate constructive feedback too); our homework tabs are under ‘Education’. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Maureen Smith

    Commentaire by Maureen on jeudi 27 août 2015 at 09:53
  2. 1) Subscribe to a french magazine such as debrouillards in your child’s name. It is exciting for them to get mail.
    2) buy Music in french for the children. There are some good folk music singers with traditional french songs for kids. Fun for the whole family to listen to!
    3) If you take long drives to cottages or road trips in the summer, you can order audio books in french from the library (order them well in advance), then listen to them on the road.

    Commentaire by Nelle Hyde on vendredi 4 septembre 2015 at 12:26