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Notre préoccupation pour l’environnement nous a poussé à lancer de nouveaux camps adressés à tous en anglais.

Ces camps anglais sur l’environnement encouragent les enfants à mettre en place des petits changements positifs qui auront un grand impact sur notre planète et sur leur empreinte écologique, le tout par l’entremise des activités PRATIQUES, AMUSANTES et ENGAGEANTES.

Votre enfant deviendra Curieux, Informé et sensibilisé aux problématiques environnementales avec ce programme.

Our Eco-friendly programs impact children to be:

Curious : develop Critical thinking skills within the participant to better evaluate situations and problems.


Informed : Develop skills to gather pertinent Information prior to coming to a conclusion or form a judgement.


Aware : Develop a habit of Awareness where we take a moment to examine our actions, our thoughts, and our behaviour and how these impact our world. Being « Aware » of the world around them, the people they interact with, and the impact of their actions.


Camp Tournesol leveraged their robust summer camps expertise (process/technology/savoir-faire) to launch a new series of Eco camps to develop the next generation of environmentally conscious, eco-friendly citizens. See below for the complete curriculum, schedule and locations.

How do we make our Environment camp fun?

There are so many different ways children have fun – all of which we tap into during each and every week of camp!

Most commonly people think of fun during games. Each and every day campers will play games as a group, developing their team-building skills and staying active outdoors! We pick all games to fit each group and games are seldom repeated, maximizing the fun that campers have while playing!

But fun is more than just playing games at camp. Campers have fun in the safe and collaborative atmosphere where we discuss concerns like food waste and ecological footprint and upcycling, where we create sustainable solutions out of everyday single-use items, and where we ask big-picture questions, because their opinions, ideas, and questions are promoted and encouraged. They have fun using their hands to create and being pushed to think critically.

If your child is curious, analytic, and creative, they are sure to have fun in our eco-friendly camps all week long!


All our Love My Planet campers will also participate in Tournesol’s celebrated events on Wednesday afternoon, and all day Thursdays and Fridays

  • Wednesday:Sing loud during our Imaginary Campfire to close the day!
  • Thursday:Fun time at the splash pad and outdoor camp games – bring a litterless lunch!
  • Festival Friday:Celebrate Friday with face painting, relay games, presentations and more!

Let your child’s world EXPLODE this summer!


Pricing and Discounts for our Eco-friendly camps

The program fee is $325 per week (plus HST).

More details about our fees, discounts and FAQ on the pricing camp page.

See below for the complete curriculum and program options.

Eligibility, Dates and Campus Offered

These Eco-friendly camps are offered to all children interested in become Curious, Informed and Aware and are currently in grades 2 to 6 (English or French). Campers in our environment camps will be separated in age-specific group (numbers permitting). The Love My Planet english eco camps are offered 4 weeks in a row in July, from July 8th until August 2nd at the following campuses:

Find a location near you!

Have a look at the menu


(English) A week at « Love My Planet » eco-camp is jam-packed with a wide array of activities following various themes.

Planet Protector

This module focuses on discussing the impact of humans on the land and how we can help with a special interest on impact of agriculture and food waste.

Sample of activities on any given week:

  • Investigate: Impact of food waste and how to avoid it to reduce our ecological footprint and become more eco-friendly / Importance of gardening.
  • Ask: 4Rs: We will discuss the pros and cons of each R (reduce, re-use, recycle, recover), when and how to enforce them as well as how to aim for Zero-Waste.
  • Share: Prepare a presentation on how we can all reduce our footprint to share with your family and network.
  • Giant treasure hunt to connect actions and impacts
  • Create: Instead of buying some items, learn to make your own eco-friendly versions: For example, we will learn to make our own bubble bath, general purpose cleaner, and our our own seed planters entirely with biodegradable items.


This module focuses on Upcycling by learning to create new useful items with old unused ones. The ultimate re-use and re-purpose!

Sample of activities on any given week:

  • Create: Use your old t-shirt to create a beautiful rug for your room. Bring your own and use old Tournesol colours!
  • Construct: Create an eco-friendly bird feeder from recycled material 
  • Take away: For example, learn to sew a button and make basic stitches to fix a hole.

The Plastic Terminator

This module focuses on learning about the impact of plastic and how we can reduce our dependence on it and with that, our ecological footprint.

Sample of activities on any given week:

  • Investigate: What is plastic made of? Why it will take hundreds of years to leave the planet. How can we aim for Zero-Waste
  • Ask: The Big Plastic Patch: What one-use plastics items do we use in our life? Brainstorm ways to eliminate one or two from our lives.
  • Wonder: The eatable “plastic knives”: what are they made of?
  • Share: Prepare a media presentation to share with your family and network.
  • Create: Let’s divert plastic items from our daily life from ending up in the ocean.  For example, we will make our own eco-friendly pencil case with an old water bottle.



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