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Nous sommes toujours les mêmes, mais nous avons adapté nos services à vos nouveaux besoins!

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En détail

Nous offrons des Camps virtuels en français tout simplement fantastiques aux enfants de 6 à 12 ans.  Ces camps livrent un contenu académique de premier plan, bien emballé dans une ambiance de plaisir et de jeux.  Nos animateurs sont expérimentés et compétents et le tout est livré sur une plateforme en ligne sécuritaire.

Nos camps virtuels en français permettent de se sentir moins seul pendant le confinement, soutiennent l’apprentissage du français et beaucoup plus encore!

Nous offrons aussi des Classes virtuelles de français d’une heure!




Camps Virtuels en Français – Frais et Format

À partir du 25 mai:

  • Après-midi demi-journée: $155 (inclut 1 chandail de camp par enfant)

À partir du 29 juin:

  • Matin demi-journée: $155 (inclut 1 chandail de camp par enfant)
  • Après-midi demi-journée: $155 (inclut 1 chandail de camp par enfant)

Nous offrons aussi des Classes virtuelles de français d’une heure!





Check Out Our Exciting Virtual French Camps!

virtual french camps

Our Virtual Camps include 3 modules for our half-day campers. Each half-day will consist of 5 academic modules per week such as, Book Club, Writer’s Workshop, or Let’s Talk.

The other modules include other engaging programs in French such as Get Moving, Drama, Board Games, and more. We have also included a snack time so kids can eat in front of their computers and chat with their friends and of course some breaks to stretch their legs and go to the washroom. These camps are designed to be both academic and fun and include tons of opportunity to practice various French Skills and socialize with their peers.

Keep scrolling to find more information about what exactly we do during Virtual French Camp.



We will be there to support your children through these uncertain times. Whether you are choosing to send your child to school, or homeschool them, we have programs to support their French learning!

Choose between our weekly French group classes targeting each specific grade level from beginner to advanced French immersion, or one-on-one tutoring customized to your needs, or make your own group class for your « pod » and choose your time slot during the day as well as the frequency.



What We’ll Do During French Camp

Format: Children are grouped by age. The “bunk leader” follows your child during the programming and will drop in as needed. They are their go-to during the day.

After starting off with an exciting and engaging team rally cry, or “cri de ralliement”, children will go through three modules of programming each half day, with bathroom and snack breaks spread throughout. (Please note we do not provide snacks.)

Virtual Camp Package: Virtual campers can look forward to receiving a package prior to their first week that contains a Camp Tournesol t-shirt (various colour), an awesome Camp T mask, and an envelope with assorted stickers, Camp T tattoos, and badges to be opened with your camp counsellor! We will send an additional badge envelope for each ensuing week you register for!

Please note that we send packages as we receive registrations, twice per week, via Canada Post. Currently they are reporting that it may take up to 10 business days to reach their destination. Not to worry, if your child does not receive it on time, our team will still allocate virtual badges 🙂

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee delivery dates.

Campuses: We offer four campuses to choose from to ensure your child is grouped with peers that have similar skill levels. We ask that you please register on the campus that best describes the type of French immersion program your child attends during the school year. If you are uncertain, please contact us:

  • Campus Mars: For children 7 years old and under who are francophone OR children who attend a school board where French immersion begins between JK and Grade 1 and is full time until at least grade 3. For example YRDSB or TDSB and TCDSB in Ontario. Available now until the end of August.
  • Campus Jupiter: For children 7 years old and under who attend a school board where French immersion is offered 50% of the day beginning in Grades 1 or 2. For example, PDSB, HDSB, and HCDSB in Ontario. Available now until the end of August.
  • Campus Saturne: Join our fun bilingual camp for all! One module of Learn French or Practical French Essentials each day! This is best for children in Core French, beginning extended French or attending private schools. Only offered in the mornings. Available from June 22nd until the end of August.

*Campus Neptune: for Children 8 and older in Francophone or in French Immersion schools. Available now until the end of August.



Virtual French Camp Technology

How do we connect with your child?

Our French virtual camps will come to your house via the well-known Zoom platform. By now most children have grown accustomed to connecting virtually with their schools or our own programming. “Zooming” has become a verb! Our team has invested time and effort into becoming well acquainted with this platform and we are ready to take on the virtual world!

What you will need to connect?

  • A desktop, a laptop, or a tablet. As a last resort, a phone would do. Your device should be up to-date with the operating system and have an updated browser as well. 
  • You should have a good internet connection which allows you to reliably have video-conferencing.
  • A quiet area where there isn’t too much background noise or distractions for your child. 
  • We would love to get them moving, so a bit of physical space around them is great! We will let you know in advance when their Get Moving module is held.
  • They will be encouraged to participate in a craft module. Again we will let you know in advance when and what is needed for that. Don’t worry, we have lots of options for substitution!

How do we keep your kids safe? 

We have premium access to Zoom’s tools and security features, and have a direct line to Zoom via our account manager. We stay on top of any new releases and have investigated all safety features and measures to be taken. Your child will join us via their Zoom meeting ID, protected by a password. They will be admitted to the classroom via our waiting room and identified by our Campus Lead as soon as they enter. Users trying to enter who are not registered will be disconnected. Our meeting will be locked as soon as the day begins ensuring that uninvited users cannot join in. We disable private chat to ensure campers do not have an opportunity to bully or share content.


Fun for All!

  • Board Games
  • Camp Sing Along
  • Harry Potter
  • Minute To Win It
  • Arts & Crafts


Boost Your French!

  • French Conversation
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Book Club
  • Around the World


Get Moving

  • Aerobics
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Yoga
  • Charades
  • Simon Says
  • Summer Olympics


Nature Exploration

  • Gardening (We Will Send Supplies In The Camp-In-A-Box!)
  • Exploring The World Of Insects
  • Animal Exploration
  • Eco-Awareness



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