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FREE French Workbook – “L’école”

School is a huge part of almost every child’s life. It’s where they spend most of their days and develop their understanding of the world. So we think it’s pretty important for any French learner to be able to navigate this environment fluently in French!

That’s why we’ve created a free school themed workbook in French that will help your child improve and maintain their French skills. This workbook is filled with the must-know school related vocabulary and phrases, plus a ton of fun activities such as word searches and word scrambles!

One of our goals at Camp Tournesol is to show children who are learning French that the process can be fun. We also know parents are always looking for educational resources to use with their children outside of the classroom. So when our camp season come to an end, we hope to help parents by publishing free resources that you can use.

Download the L’école Workbook PDF by clicking here or on the image below.


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