Netflix Movies for Kids in French

The BEST French movies for kids you can watch on Netflix:

Learning and maintaining a new language like French can be difficult and at times a little

repetitive and boring, so when you’re trying to encourage and strengthen your child’s bond with

the French language, it’s important to change it up and make sure the learning process remains

fun for them.


One of the best ways for kids (and adults, too) to assist in learning a new language is to watch

French movies for beginners. You are entertained as you continue to practice and learn the

French language so that your kids don’t even realize they’re working on their language skills

while they laugh along with their favorite characters in these French movies for kids.


No doubt, the easiest way to watch any kind of movie, including French movies for beginners, is

via a streaming service. And while there have been dozens sprouting up over the past few

years, the best place to go for your streaming content is still Netflix. We’ve put together a list of

our seven favorite French movies for kids that you can easily stream with a Netflix subscription!

Asterix Le Secret de la Potion Cover

1.Astérix: Le Secret de la Potion Magique - All Ages

The first film on our list couldn’t be anything other than the latest in a long line of hilarious and intriguing Asterix adventures! Whenever a new edition of Asterix comes out, it’s nearly always the most popular French animated movie out at the time in the francophone world.

You can expect the same endearing animation, silly hijinx, and surprisingly engaging story as usual! This time, Asterix and his ever-present sidekick Obelix must aid the druid Getafix in finding his true successor, the one who will inherit the secret recipe to a magic potion which gives one superhuman strength. But they must be wary of Getafix’s nemesis Sulfurix, who will stop at nothing to get the magic potion for himself!

Stuck Together (8 Rue De L’Humanité) Cover

2. Stuck Together (8 Rue De L’Humanité) - 16+

This one is more for your teenagers, you know, the ones that think they’re too cool to be learning and speaking French anymore (that used to be me) so they stop practicing at all. This film is a hilarious take on how one building’s residents in France dealt with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the first lockdown. The kids will surely be able to relate.

It’s a great French movie for beginners, but we would definitely suggest throwing the English subtitles on to ensure comprehension!

Considering we’re still in the midst of the pandemic, it’s a great way to look at our collective situation and have a nice laugh with family and friends at the universally relatable problems and issues these lockdown-stricken residents deal with.

The Climb (L’Ascension) Cover

3.The Climb (L’Ascension) - 12+

This one’s a little cleaner than our previous entry, but it’s still reserved for your pre-

teen/teenagers that are learning French. With the subtitles on for extra assistance, your young

adults should have no problem understanding and building on their francophone skills while

watching this flick. While it’s not exactly for young kids, it’s still a great French movie for


The Summit of the Gods (La Sommet des Dieux) Cover

4.The Summit of the Gods (La Sommet des Dieux) - All Ages

Funnily enough, this film is also directly related to the Earth’s greatest peak, but it’s one that

kids and adults of all ages can enjoy together! It’s a French animated movie based on a popular

Japanese manga series, so it’s got French, it’s got the uplifting nature of an animated flick and it

has the narrative chops of a popular manga, too.

George Mallory famously attempted to climb Mount Everest in 1924, never to be seen again. 70

years later, a Japanese photojournalist finds a camera that he believes could have belonged to

Mallory, and subsequently sets off on an epic journey to understand what has attracted people

to Everest year after year as well as find out Mallory’s true fate once and for all!

Vicky and Her Mystery (Mystere) Cover

5.Vicky and Her Mystery (Mystere) - All Ages (PG)

This is a French movie for beginners that will do a lot more than simply help you and/or your

children to boost your French language skills, it’ll pull at those heartstrings too. Based on a true

story, the film tells of a Father and daughter who must deal with the passing of the mother of the



They relocate to a small mountain village, where Vicky finds a puppy that was discovered by a

farmer in the woods one day, and decides to adopt it and name it ‘Mystery.’ The puppy helps

both father and daughter to cope with their situation and grow closer, and also drives a very

intriguing and mysterious plot along.

Antoine Griezmann The Making of a Legend Cover

6.Antoine Griezmann: The Making of a Legend - All Ages (PG)

If any of you have any kids that are into sports, and more specifically the Beautiful Game aka

football aka soccer, this short documentary would be absolutely perfect for them. French movies

for kids are usually silly animated stories, but this is a real French story about the journey of a

young Frenchman chasing his dreams—and achieving them, for all in the world to see.


It’s an entertaining and interesting look at the growth of a young person who is singularly

focused on their goal. And while your children are building on their francophone skills as they

watch, they can also learn a little bit more about Griezmann and the French language’s

birthplace of France.


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