The Best French Resources for Students in Kindergarten to Grade 1

French Resources for kids: beginner French

Finding good resources and practice material for French beginner students can be difficult, this is why we have created a curated list of resources for French students from Sk to Grade 1 to allow them to expand their knowledge in French as well as practice what they have learned so far in their language journey!

Our tutors and instructors over at the Brouillet Academy have gathered some of their favorite French resources for students in SK to Grade 1. These resources include songs, films, books, and websites your French student can access to improve their listening, speaking, writing, and reading in French!

Best French books for kids in SK to Grade 1

Reading is a great way to expand your vocabulary in French and improve your comprehension skills in the language. However, it is extremely important to find books that match your student’s French level as well as keep them engaged. 

Throughout our many years running French camps and classes, we have gathered a collection of great books for young French learners. These books will allow your child to immerse themselves in the French language!


Here is a list of French books we believe will be a great match for your Kindergarten to Grade 1 French student:

Best French films and TV shows in SK to Grade 1

Who doesn’t love a good movie or show? They are entertaining, and are also a great way to practice your listening and comprehension skills in French.

Here is a list of the top movies and shows in French for kids in Kindergarten to Grade 1:

The best French songs for students in SK to Grade 1

Listening to songs in French has proven to be a great way to practice your skills in the language! They are also fun and a great way to incorporate French into your everyday life. 

Camp Tournesol’s teacher team has created The Petite Enfance Playlist (French Immersion Grades SK to 2) on Spotify, and it has a great selection of songs in French for students in SK to Grade 1. These songs have various different themes to help expand your little one’s vocabulary! It is the absolute best French playlist for beginners!

Looking for the best songs to help your beginner student learn French? Check our Top 5 Songs To Help Young Learners Master French.


The best websites for French students in SK to Grade 1

There’s no better place to find French resources than on the internet! Our team has searched the web for some of the best pages for Kindergarten to Grade 1 students and here are our top favourites: 


Boukili offers a selection of books in French for kids.They are engaging and perfect for beginner students!


TFO offers a selection of games and apps to help your SK to Grade 1 French student improve their skills in the language!

Find some really fun games to help your child practice their French! They are all free and available online so your student can practice their French anywhere! is an awesome website where your student can practice their French vocabulary with different games, activities, and quizzes! This website’s activities range in difficulty levels  and are perfect for French students of every age!


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