Visit Hogwarts This Summer With Our Harry Potter Camp!

CampT's School of Wizardry is in session with our spellbinding Harry Potter camp!


Your children will be fully immersed in the magical and mysterious world of Hogwarts with our School of Wizardry Harry Potter FRENCH virtual camp! This is a great camp for any prospective wizards and witches looking to improve their French. No matter if your little ones love the books or the movies, whether they’re a Slytherin supporter, a Ravenclaw rooter, whether they’re howling for Hufflepuff, or going for Gryffindor, they’ll find their place during our magical Harry Potter camp!

During our School of Wizardry virtual French camp, our campers will ‘travel’ to Hogwarts! At the beginning of the week, the sorting hat will sort campers into one of the four houses. This spell-binding week will also see your little Harrys, Rons, and Hermiones enjoying activities such as making butterbeer, creating your own wand and set of magic spells, defence against the dark arts classes, potion-making, and Harry Potter themed games. The best part? Our camps are run by experienced French instructors!

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But don’t worry if you haven’t read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies; we gear our activities towards anyone with a passion for magic, and we guess that any little magicians unfamiliar with Harry Potter before our camp will be huge fans by the end of this enchanting week!

Your children will be so engrossed in their magical activities that they won’t even recognize how much they’re improving their French skills. Throughout the Harry Potter themed games and activities, campers will be picking up on new French vocabulary and phrases. Our instructors lead all modules in French so as to immerse campers in the language. There’s no better way to accelerate your journey to French fluency than through having fun!

Your children will feel as though they really just took a week-long trip to Hogwarts after attending our virtual French Harry Potter camp! Your new little wizards and witches will gain a greater sense of imagination and boost their French learning at the same time. And you can probably expect a Harry Potter movie request to come soon after their week with us is up! They might even feel inspired to read the Harry Potter series in French!

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