8 Must-Have French Baby Books

Camp Tournesol’s librarian has been busy lately. This time, she’s put together a list of French baby books anyone with a bilingual little one must have! Reading is one of the most important aspects of learning for children, and that’s especially true for bilingual youngsters. It’s never good to overwhelm children with learning at a young age, but the right dose can make a big difference on their bilingual journey!

Reading at a young age is an important part of sparking language-learning development as has been proven many times by various studies. Learning a second language as a young kid will set your children up to be bilingual when they get older, which is a big advantage. It also helps to stimulate their overall learning as well.

So, without further ado, here are Camp Tournesol’s librarian’s top eight must-have French baby books. All of our selections are suggested for children in the age range of 0 to 5 years old.

French Baby Books – Age 0 to 5 (Pre-School to SK)

1. La Chambre D’Adèle by Marie Barguidjian
When Adele plays, she forgets everything. Adele has quite the imagination, which she uses to think up and imagine crazy and fun stories for her and her group of friends. While she was coming up with a way to put on her Castle Party, she realized that it was Saturday. On Saturdays, her parents take Adele to a museum, and they are in for a treat as Adele and her considerable imagination interact with the history they find.

2. Je Suis Terrible by Élise Gravel
Monsters are all supposed to act the same when they see children: they’ve got to scare them. This story from acclaimed youth writer Élise Gravel—who has a lot of other great and funny children’s tales—is about one of the rare monsters that doesn’t quite put a scare in those kids. This monster is actually more cute than scary, and the only thing scared of him is a little puppy dog!

3. Bonjour, Les Camions! by Sherri Duskey Rinker
A much-anticipated sequel to Bonne Nuit, Les Camions! is here! In this tale, we get to revisit all of our favorite car and truck characters! This time they’re facing their biggest construction challenge yet, and they’ll need help to do it! This is a great story that teaches youngsters an important lesson about working together and the benefits of teamwork.

4. Bon Dodo Lou Lou! by Bach
Here, we have an adorable story that could help you get your little ones into bed at night when they need to get to sleep. Loulou needs to go to sleep, but she’s too busy playing with all her toys. Her trucks, her play-dough, her dolls! Then she has to use the big girl toilet before bed too and before long it’s bath time. Her toy duck, her toy fish, her toy car! Eventually, Lou Lou and all of the other little children will have to go beddy-bye!

5. Que Veux-Tu, Petite Mouche? by Marianna Dubuc
A little kitten is having a lovely day playing outside with his kite when all of a sudden he runs into a little fly on his path. The kitten wants to help the fly. He asks him why he doesn’t move? Maybe he could walk like an ant, or fly like a bird? What does the fly want? This story from Marianna Dubuc will get you and your children moving, and supply you with a few laughs to boot!

6. Oups ! by Julie Massy
Accidents and unlucky bounces happen all the time. You might drop your hot chocolate, you might crack your egg before you’re ready, or your ice cream scoop might fall off your cone. In this little book, all of those accidents and messes can be repaired and solved by simply turning the page! Oups! is a fun and interactive book that will have the whole family chuckling.

7. Éli Et Le Petit Pot by Nadia Sévigny
Eli is happy because he just got a gift from his parents! The gift Eli got was a little potty to help him learn to go the bathroom. His mom says he’s ready to move on past diapers, but it’s not always so easy growing up, as Eli experiences in this adorable little tale about potty training.

8. Je Suis Un Grand Frère by Caroline Jayne Church
The eighth and final French baby book on our librarian’s list is a perfect option for a kid that’s about to become an older brother or sister. Welcoming a new sibling into the family space can be a strange and new experience for the older sibling, and this little novel can help them cope with those feelings. It also teaches them about how they can be tender and welcoming with their new family member.

Beyond books

We believe that experiential learning is the most effective language acquisition tool. That’s why we offer French programs for JK and SK children at our in-person day camps and fun virtual classes

bouts d'choux

Join our Bouts d’Choux program for ages 4 to 5 at various day camp locations across the GTA. Learn beginner French while having fun next summer!

virtual french classes

Not in the GTA? Check out our virtual French classes for ages 5+, including book club, board games club, arts & crafts, and more! All classes are carried out in beginner-level French by experienced instructors.

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