French Day Camps: Mississauga South

We think our French summer day camps are pretty unique. They are designed to take advantage of the summer break to help your child:

  • Develop or strengthen their French language skills
  • Make new friends with similar interests
  • Work in their cognitive and non-cognitive skills
  • Develop their autonomy,persevrance and self confidence
  • Use their summer vacation for enrichment
  • Have fun!

Whether your child is Francophone, in French Immersion, or has no French experience, we have a day camp suitable for them! Check us out in action!

The hours for the French camp are 9:00AM to 4:00PM for all campuses. We accept campers at 8:45AM. Before and after care is offered at an additional cost. Children will be accepted at 7:30 AM and must be picked up at 6:00PM. Please note that the exact locations of our French Camps may change based on school availability and pending permit confirmation from the board in April. Most of our campuses are not air conditioned. Once a school is confirmed, it will be indicated as such in the Camp Weeks section below.


145 Windy Oaks, Mississauga, ON L5G 1Z4

The campus is located near the intersection of Hurontario and Mineola, near the Port Credit Go Train.

Mineola Public School is not confirmed. All locations are pre-vetted with the schools and boards, however, permits are issued in early May for final confirmation. Any family affected by a relocation is eligible for a full refund.

The Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga is confirmed.

See our Pinterest board for more kids activities in Mississauga South.

Camp Weeks:

July 9th to August 10th: Mineola Public School

August 13th to August 17th: Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga (located at 84 South Service Road, Mississauga, ON L5E 1V6)

The Practical French Essentials program is offered for grades 1 to 3 only at this campus.

The STEM program will be offered the week of July 30th.


Day camp drop-off and pick-up procedures

Please park in the parking lot to the north of the school, near the tennis courts or along the side of the school. Do NOT park in the south parking lot as this is where we will be welcoming and releasing the campers.  

If your child is in the French camps (going into grade 2 to 8), the counsellors will come out at the gymnasium doors which are the brown door besides the large garbage bins on the south side of the school.

If your child is in our kinder program, please walk along the side of the school to the doors facing the play structure, the counsellors will use these doors to welcome and release your children. 

Extended hours drop-off and pick-up procedures

For all campers in the before and after care program, please use the brown gymnasium doors located at the south side of the school. Please do not park in this parking lot for the children’s safety. If the door is locked, please knock and someone will open.

Thursday Water Days:


Week of July 9th: Jack Darling Park
Week of July 16th: Coronation Park
Week of July 23rd: Lakefront Promenade
Week of July 30th: Marie Curtis Park
Week of August 7th: Jack Darling Park
Week of August 13th: Lakefront Promenade

Camp Tournesol reserves the right to change the water day destinations at any time without notice.

Friday Special Events:


Week of July 9th:
Week of July 16th: Special Tournesol ALL Campus Contest
Week of July 23rd:
Week of July 30th:
Week of August 7th:
Week of August 13th:


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