French Day Camps: Toronto Bloor West

Please note that the exact locations of our French Camps may change based on school availability and pending permit confirmation from the board in April. Most of our campuses are not air conditioned. Once a school is confirmed, it will be indicated as such in the Camp Weeks section below.

The hours for the French camp are 9:00AM to 4:00PM for all campuses. We accept campers at 8:45AM. Before and after care is offered at an additional cost. Children will be accepted at 7:30 AM and must be picked up at 6:00PM. (subject to sufficient registrations)



This campus is located near the intersection of TBC



Day camp drop-off and pick-up procedures


Camp Weeks:

July 16th to August 17th

This campus is not confirmed.

See our board on Pinterest for more kids activities in Toronto West



Extended care drop-off and pick-up procedures


Thursday Water Days:


Week of July 16th: Jack Darling Park
Week of July 23rd: High Park
Week of July 30th: Lakefront Promenade
Week of August 7th: Isaac Park
Week of August 13th: High Park

Camp Tournesol reserves the right to change the water day destinations at any time without notice.

Friday French Concerts:


Week of July 16th:
Week of July 23rd: Special Tournesol ALL Campus Contest
Week of July 30th:
Week of August 7th:
Week of August 13th: Special Tournesol ALL Campus Contest

Camp Tournesol reserves the right to change the artist for the French concert at any time without notice.


Unfortunately busing is not offered at this campus.

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