French Day Camps For Children

age 6 to 12

This French camp program is offered to children who are in French immersion or French schools from SK to grade 6.

Children in this program are expected to express themselves at grade-level. We understand that children at all ages have different abilities, particularly after only a few years of French instruction; that’s where our camp comes in!

The focus of these french summer camp programs is to promote French conversation outside of an academic environment.

During the day, we place campers in situations where they use their french while doing fun activities!

French Camp daily activities include: Organized sports, arts or crafts, cooperation games and board and card games. Each day will end with a big camp game that will see all campers from all the different groups come together to play.

Campers will also take part in a creativity club each week where a short presentation of a skit or song will be develop by each group on a new theme.

Campers will develop their choreography, their make ups, costumes and script together as a group. On Friday, each group will present their creation to the rest of the camp in the hope of winning the prizes!

On Thursday, we head to a large splash pad where the children will spend some time in water games but also participate in large camp games and practice their Friday presentation!

At our french summer camps throughout the GTA, the activities, crafts, field trips etc… are all different from week to week so you can register for multiple weeks for LOTS of fun in french this summer!

This program is exclusively offered to students in French immersion or French schools so that we can maintain the French conversation all day!

Take a look at the sample week and description of activities for our French day camps by clicking on the photo:Weekly Guide For French Day Camps


Check out our fees, discounts and FAQ on the pricing camp page.

French Summer Camps


Cost: $40 + HST

($32 + HST for the week of August 8th)

Is your child curious about the world around them? Do they like to run their own science experiments, build structures, or jump for joy when they see rockets shoot into the air? Our STEM specialty is perfect for them. With a new physics-based theme every day, campers will test gravity, set off (safe) explosions, build strong structures, and show off their knack for science along the way. Perfect for the scientific camper while also boosting their French skills.

For more information visit the specialty program page.

“I am very happy that I registered my children for this camp. Not only did their French improve but they discovered that “learning French” can be fun. The highlight for me was my daughter awaking from a bad dream and asking in French if she could sleep in my room. That’s when I knew that I made the right decision sending them to Camp Tournesol. We will be returning every year!”


“I want to express how happy I am with this camp. I was so nervous my kids wouldn’t like it because it was in French but it was actually the opposite. They didn’t give me a hard time about going every morning – which does not happen during the school year and the camp leaders were AMAZING.  My daughter absolutely fell in love with her counsellor’s gentle and warm manner. “


“We are delighted to be part of camp tournesol for the second year and we can’t wait until summer vacation starts! My daughter’s French improved tremendously during her time at camp tournesol last year and her teachers noticed the improvement.”

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