Practical French Essentials

grades 2-4

A French summer camp program for children interested in developing their French language skills in an dynamic, fun-filled environment!

Designed for children following Core French or Extended French academic programs, we focus on the acquisition of keywords and phrases through experientially-based learning in these programs. Children will strengthen their communicative competence by participating in a variety of activities designed to make learning fun! While engaging with and learning about their peers, creating dramatic skits or participating in good old-fashioned sports all in French, children will gain confidence in their verbal skills. Mentored by our supportive counsellors, kids will gain a love of “la langue de Molière.” Each week of programming follows a different theme, each of which builds on the others, so kids can participate for multiple weeks and take their language learning to the next level. Join us at one of our many locations throughout the GTA and see why thousands of campers choose Camp Tournesol to have Fun in French every summer!


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Campers in Practical French Essentials will take part in a dynamic program of language instruction incorporating both experiential and direct instruction. Led by our team of super counsellors, campers will start the day with theme-based language modules covering everything from getting to know you to sports, music, and clothes. Kids will practice newly acquired language skills throughout the day in:

  • organized sports;
  • arts and crafts,
  • nature interpretation,
  • songs,
  • cooperation games,
  • board and card games,
  • songs and skits.

Thursdays are extra special! Campers pile into buses for the weekly outing to a splash pad! Travel time is the best time to learn new French tongue-twisters, riddles and call-and-response songs! Fridays feature a camp-wide festival: fun!

The ratio in this program is 8 campers to 1 counsellor. No French experience required. All sessions cover different curriculum, so French summer campers can attend all 6 weeks offered!

“I am thrilled I sent my daughter to Camp Tournesol. As an English speaking family, my daughter has little chance to practice her French. This not only gave her an opportunity to speak French, but she also had an incredible time.“


“My daughter Annalise had a great time at the camp. She learnt French quickly and liked the camp a lot. She even sang the camp song at home. She said she wants to come back next year.”

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