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Camp Tournesol offer 3 school workshops where our expertise in promoting French verbal skills is front and centre!

  • Target audience: possibility of programs being entirely in French or bilingual in French and English according to your requirements.
  • Requirements: rotations will take place in your gymnasium or outside weather permitted.

Half-Day Programs:

Our two-hour workshop can accommodate up to 60 children in grades 4-8 for the STEM workshop or up to grade 12 for the Team Building workshop, either in French immersion or Core French (book us for the whole day to provide the experience to more students!). 

Two Day Program:

Participants will learn what it means to be a leader, how they behave and will be empowered to make a positive change during recess. All participants will leave with a toolkit of low-material games, basic conflict resolution strategies, and hands-on practice so they are confident to step up the next time your recess bell rings!

Low-tech STEM and Team Building

 Half-Day Workshop:

Low-tech STEM and Team Building - workshop

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WHAT is it?

Are your students creative, problem-solving thinkers? 

Then Camp Tournesol’s “Low Tech STEM” workshop is the perfect way to harness their thinking and develop their team building skills in one! In this workshop, students will be challenged to understand that STEM doesn’t always mean computers and robots, but instead involves scientific inquiry and developing solutions to problems outside of the box

Counsellors will begin the workshop by leading students through a series of team building games, and will debrief at the end with a focus on the importance of teamwork when working through scientific problems. Students will then be broken into groups and will be given a problem that they will need to work through together, using a limited amount of materials, but an unlimited amount of imagination!

WHY a STEM French workshop?

Both STEM and French immersion are rapidly growing programs of interest for families and students, particularly in the GTA. Registration in French immersion programs and STEM programs is increasing yearly, but it can often be difficult to find a program that engages both states of mind. This is where Camp Tournesol would like to step in, with a low-tech option that’s accessible to all and only requires a creative mind, not any technology, to succeed.

Team Building and Leadership

Half-Day Workshop:



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WHAT is it?

Our Team Building and Leadership workshop is focused on just that: developing students’ collaboration and cooperation skills, with an introduction to leadership.Students will participate in a variety of games, activities, and debriefing periods with our team to explore these abstract concepts and root the values of collaboration, communication, and leadership within each participant.

WHY a team-building and leadership workshop?

Empathy and sympathy are the turning points to successful relationships both in and out of school. Engaging young adults in teamwork games and activities requires them to develop a sense of cooperation and that they are a part of a team, foundations for being able to better empathize and connect with their peers. All activities require students to communicate with each other, reconnecting them with the importance and effectiveness of verbal communication, and helping them understand how to work with their peers to achieve success!

Jump Start your recess

2-day program:

Jump Start your recess - workshop

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WHAT is it?

Camp Tournesol’s “Jump Start your recess” program is a highly rewarding program for students in grades 6, 7, and 8 interested in making a difference on the playground. These leaders will learn games and activities to enrich recess at school, be able to solve minor peer-to-peer conflicts, and understand the importance of giving back to their school community. All participants will leave with a toolkit of low-material games, basic conflict resolution strategies, and hands-on practice so they are confident to step up the next time your recess bell rings!

WHY should you Jump Start your recess?

Drawing from our experience running successful Leadership programs for grade 7 and 8 students, we know these students can be disengaged at school, with many simply looking forward to a new school and new friends in just a few years. Many others know they want to make a difference, and idolize leaders in their community and in the world. 

Jump Start Your Recess engages these students and helps them understand they are a key part in their school community, and that they have the power to make a difference. This program is excellent for students needing that extra push to step up because it offers a familiar context for students to practice their leadership skills without the high-risk environment of volunteering for an external organization.

?! How do we motivate French

with Core French students ?!

We’re excited you want to take French learning to the next level with this workshop! By bringing in authentic French speakers other than the teachers they’re used to, students gain exposure to new accents, ways of speaking, and understand that French is a living language. Our staff are familiar with the language level of Core French students at all grades (per the CEFR suggested grade levels), and will ensure to match that level when leading activities and working with small groups. Knowing their level will also help staff prompt students to express their thinking when they work in their groups. Our highly-trained staff use positive reinforcement and selective language correction to support students in constructing their thoughts, and will follow the lead of your teachers throughout the entire workshop to make sure students are pushed to communicate as much as they can in French!

Does this sound like something that would be of interest to your school? 

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