Online French Tutoring Programs

for students from French Immersion and Francophones Schools

Are you looking to give your child some extra French practice, help with homework and leg-up in French? Are extra-curricular programs too far for your child to partake in?

No fear! Camp Tournesol offers French tutoring programs! But wait, this is not your regular homework help tutoring program. The tutors will follow our own Tournesol curriculum that will be adapted to your child’s age and current French level and will focus on Reading and reading comprehension as well as grammar skills!

From the comfort of your own home, your child can meet with a tutor at a time convenient for your busy schedule. Register online for either 5 or 10 one-hour sessions, then select a tutor. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you are unhappy with the program, let us know within 48 hours of the first session finishing and we will be happy to issue you a full refund.

Contact us for more information:

Summer French School

Summer French School

Meet our tutors!

French Summer Camps For Kids


Hello 🙂 I am a francophone and bilingual student from the University of Montréal who holds a Bachelor’s degree in French literature and linguistics. I worked for Camp Tournesol at the Mississauga South and Oakville campuses during the summer of 2016. For the past two years, I have been a French tutor for students of all ages, ranging from kindergarten to the university level. I help students with their homework, test preparation, and any other academic needs, all while progressing at their individual speed and ensuring that they’re also having fun 🙂 I look forward to meeting you!

French Summer ProgramsDanyka

Hi there! My name is Danyka Doiron and I am currently a bilingual student at Glendon (York University). I’ve been going to full French schools since kindergarten, therefore French is my mother tongue! In 2014 I graduated from Monsigneur-de-Charbonnel et I am currently in my third year of University studying French and Psychology. I’ve been working for Camp Tournesol since the summer of 2015 (day camp at the North York campus and overnight trips) but I have been working with kids since 2010! I look forward to working with you and your child 🙂


Hi! My name is Pascale Tremblay, and I am from Matane, a small town in the Gaspé area of Québec. I just finished my studies in English as a Second Language teaching at the University of Sherbrooke. I love sharing my passion for languages by teaching French and English. Throughout my studies, I had the opportunity to teach at the elementary, high-school, and adult levels. I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing my language and my culture!

Summer French SchoolStephanie

Stephanie has just graduated from Laurentian University with a double major in French and Geography; she has returned for teacher’s college this September! She loves the French language and culture, and gained this appreciation while studying in France for six months. Stephanie enjoys being outdoors and participating in activities such as: camping, hiking, kayaking, swimming and skiing. She looks forward to getting to know you!

Private Tutoring

Instructor: University Student

5 sessions: $155 +HST

10 sessions: $285 +HST

Our curriculum

The tele-tutoring program is adaptable to students of various levels but is primarily destined for students in grades 1 through 6. However, if you are interested in registering a child outside of these age ranges, do not hesitate to give us a call and we can certainly adapt the program to your needs!

The primary focus of our program is reading and reading comprehension, as students work through texts with the support and guidance of our tutors. During each session, students will read one short story and work through pre-, during-, and post-exercises with the tutor to strengthen reading comprehension skills and reinforce the themes of the text. As a result of reading, students also develop their skills in understanding grammar and vocabulary. Students are exposed to common vocabulary and sentence structures that are necessary for communication, that are reinforced in the activities they complete during each session. Because the entire session is done online with a tutor, students also gain valuable speaking and listening practice! Campers hear the pronunciation of key vocabulary and phrases that they will practice and incorporate into their own speech. 



Our tutors are equipped with a bank of stories and activities that they personally select according to your child’s interests, levels, and goals of the tele-tutoring program. As such, should there be a concept that takes a bit more practice before mastery, they are well-equipped to undertake such revision; likewise if a child grasps a concept very quickly, the tutors can easily take the student’s learning to a deeper and more complex level. Each session prepares students for real usage of French, both in and out of the classroom; all of the exercises and activities in the program are developed alongside the Ontario French as a Second Language curriculum, guaranteeing you that what your student will be learning will directly apply to their French needs.

100% money back guaranteed!

French Learning Online



Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule your tutoring session, please open your email confirmation for that session and click either “Rehschedule” or “Cancel”. Rescheduling the session or cancelling the session must be done at least 24 hours in advance.

Our tutors are ready at start time of each session, and we kindly ask that you and your child are too. We understand that external circumstances may result in you being late, however please note that our tutors will only wait 10 minutes before assuming you are unable to attend the session. If you do begin your session late, please also note that tutors are not able to stay late to make up for the missed time. Tutoring sessions will not be rescheduled for children that are more than 10 minutes late.

We thank you for your cooperation!






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