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We know this is a trying time with many stuck at home. Most parents in this situation are probably looking for home activities for their children. Whether you still have to work from home and need something to keep your children engaged, or you’re simply finding that you and your little ones are using too many screens since you’ve been forced to stay home and need an activity to keep everyone entertained, Camp Tournesol has got you covered in this blog!

As you may already know, Camp Tournesol is offering very affordable Virtual Camps to keep your kids in the learning mindset! We also have our tutoring and French classes available via our Brouillet Academy. You can review these programs here.

We’ve also begun sharing fun home activities or lists of home activities we’ve found through our online research that we think will assist any parent with keeping their children from bouncing off the walls or getting bored. With these home activities, your kids will be having fun, building important habits, learning new skills, cooperating with others, and most importantly, keeping happy and busy!



1. has compiled over a dozen great ideas to help put you on track to put together fun indoor activities with your youngsters. They were even nice enough to include three awesome graphics laying out steps on how to make an indoor (and safe) bowling alley, among other things. Check it out here!


2. Huffington Post has interestingly compiled different suggestions from 30 different parents on how they plan to keep their kids entertained during their extended stay at home. Suggestions range from Khan Academy classes, to Lego-building challenges. Check out the rest of your fellow parents’ suggestions here!


3. If you and your children like to get creative and do it yourself, this list of 50 DIY projects to do indoors will be just the thing to get rid of that boredom that’s been plaguing you. Check out the list here!


4. Family E-Guide has put together a list of indoor activities, which they call ‘boredom busters.’ The list contains over 100 easy and simple activities to do with your kids in your house. Check out the full list here!


5. Cafe Mom has also put together a great list of 50 activities to do with your kids to keep them fully engaged. The list varies greatly from creating a sandbox to making a scavenger hunt. Check out the rest of the list here!


6. Here we just have one activity, but we have no doubt your youngsters will be excited to take part: creating edible finger paint. With this five-minute recipe, your kids will have a fun way to be creative while also providing them with a little snack. Check out the full instructions here!


7. While this list is made to accommodate kids on a snow day, it works just as well for our purposes. Dance parties, egg races, and hula hooping competitions are just a few of the activities you can find here. Check out all 22 here!


8. Here, we have another 35 simple and doable activities anyone can do in their home with their kids. Classics, like building forts and putting the mattress on the floor, will keep your children entertained and have you feeling nostalgic. See what else they have for you at Simple Balance here!


9. Being stuck in the house in 2020 can easily lead to your children locking themselves onto their screens, which is not what you want. This list is marketed towards boys, but these screen-free activities can be enjoyed by all children. Check out all 60 right here!


10. Being stuck inside all day can make put anyone the edge, so this final list contains as many activities for keeping your kids active as it does to keep them calm and quiet. Discover all 22 here!


We hope that with this treasure trove of indoor activity resources you will have no problem keeping your children engaged and entertained during your extended stay at home!


Please comment below to share your own ideas and start the conversation!


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