The Best French Learning Sites for Students

Where To Find French Practice Sheets Online:

There are countless different ways to go about your child’s French learning journey, and one of the most common and successful is to find reputable websites offering good French workbooks and worksheets. It’s not the flashiest way to go about the business of learning and practicing a new language, but that doesn’t make it any less effective!


Plus, there are some great worksheet sites in French that not only offer educational worksheets but add a little flare and flavour to their offerings as well. There are tons of French websites for students out there on the internet, so wading through all of them can seem an overwhelming task. Fret not, because Camp Tournesol has you covered with our shortlist of the best french learning sites!

First and foremost is our sister company, Brouillet Academy, which offers workbooks and worksheets for kids learning French from Grade 1 through Grade 12. We’ve really got you all covered!

We have one of the best French learning sites out there, covering everything from various vocabularies to all of the different grammar rules that French students so enjoy learning! Content also includes: free French vocabulary practice, French vocabulary lists, French grammar printable worksheets, and much more!

Check out our learning content today and help your child get a leg up on their classmates on their French-learning journey.

Another one of the best French websites for students comes chock full of French worksheets

and simple games for French learners of any and all ages. They’ve got tons of fun and

educational word games such as their French word searches, flashcards, French crosswords,

and obviously tons of those awesome grammar worksheets. If you’re looking for a place that provides quality, easy-to-use PDF worksheets on verbs, tenses, and participles, this is the place for you!

Created by a French and Spanish teacher in the UK, Samantha Lunn, is not quite a worksheet

site in French as much as it is a wonderful Google Drive that contains a treasure trove of French

worksheets, activities, lessons, and more. Whether it’s PDF or Word format you’re looking for,

you’ll be covered here. The worksheets and resources are of high-quality and are very well-organized, ensuring that you won’t spend too much time surfing through topics you don’t care about to find the one you’re looking for.

This one’s definitely not going to win any points for aesthetics, but what it lacks in flash it makes up for in quality of content. Despite its unassuming appearance, this is one of the best French learning sites out there, as it’s got troves of free printable worksheets.

They’re well-organized by format as well, so you find what you’re looking for quickly. With grammar, vocabulary, and quizzes, this worksheet site in French is one of the best, especially for our beginners and intermediates, as the worksheets mostly cover the basics of learning the French language.

One of the bigger players in this industry, this French website for students is of top tier quality.

They say that their worksheets and resources are mainly for French students in Grades 1

through 4, but surely beginners of other ages can use their well-put-together worksheets. All of their resources incorporate fun and whimsical pictures, and they’re well-organized by topic, largely focusing on vocabulary acquisition. Topics range from family, to clothing, to the lyrics of ‘Frere Jacques.’ You don’t need to register to use these resources either, which is always a huge plus!


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