Why You Should Work as a Camp Counsellor


Choosing a summer job can be overwhelming just because of the sheer number of opportunities
out there for young people looking to make some good money during the sunny months. One of
the most common summer jobs you’ll come across is a summer camp counselor job.
Camp counselor jobs are common because they pay very well, and they’re a fun and rewarding
way to spend your time during the summer. If you’re not aware of why this job is so awesome,
read on and check out our top 10 benefits you can expect when trying out a summer camp
counselor job in Toronto!

Camp counsellors

1. Lifelong Friends

You’ll be having fun with your fellow camp counselors all summer long, and with all the time
you’ll be spending together, it’s almost guaranteed that everyone working makes at least a few
lifelong friends during their time at camp. Working a fun job like camp counselor in close
proximity to people that are around the same age and evidently have similar interests will no
doubt foster lasting relationships!

2. Become A Role Model

When you sign up for a summer camp counselor job, the main thing you’re signing up for is
looking after some little rascals. They’re young, impressionable minds and you’re there to show
them the ropes and be their role model. Being a role model for kids is not only fulfilling in that
you’re helping others, but it also helps you grow as a person too!

3. Get Weekends Off

Unless we’re talking overnight camps, one of the biggest benefits for young people working
summer camp counselor jobs is that you have a consistent weekly schedule and your weekends
are always free. This allows you to take full advantage of your summer while also making good
money. You can even go on a few mini-weekend trips thanks to the schedule that comes with a
camp counselor job.

4. Try New Things

Summer camps are all about mixing it up, getting creative, and trying new things, not only for

the kids attending camp, but for all the camp counselors too. You might try a new sport, a new

snack, a new game, or even a new way to look at or find solutions for a particular situation.

Camp counsellors and campers

5. Build Leadership Skills

Summer camp is also a place where counselors learn a lot about themselves. If you’re unsure

about your future, taking a summer camp counselor job is a great way to start figuring out your
likes and dislikes as well as your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll be trying so many new
things at summer camp that there’s no doubt you’ll come away from the experience with a better
understanding of yourself.

6. Learn About Yourself

At summer camp, counselors are often tasked with looking after a group of children or leading
an activity or game. Both of these tasks require leadership skills, which you will surely build
through practice at summer camp. And leading a game of ‘red light green light’ for a bunch of
eight-year-olds is a pretty low-pressure way to go about learning to be a leader, wouldn’t you

7. Be Outside

Most if not all summer camps take place mostly outside: that’s the whole point right, to take
advantage of those sunny months? So while some of your friends will be wasting away a
beautiful summer hunched over a computer in a boring office, you’ll be prancing around the
great outdoors with a gaggle of excitable kids in tow. I know which option I’d choose.

8. Lots of Crafts

Summer camp is a time for great creativity, which will often manifest itself in a whole bunch of
arts and crafts. Do-it-yourself projects are always a lot of fun, and you can expect to be doing a
lot of easy, fun, and unique DIY arts and crafts while working a summer camp counselor job.
You could discover a hidden talent you didn’t know you had or you could even mess around and
make yourself a nice decoration for your home base!

9. Build Your Resume

Summer camp counselor jobs look great on resumes because being able to make it through a
whole season says several things about a person. It shows that they have great patience—as
anyone who deals in child care can attest to—and it also shows that they’re creative and
outgoing. The communication and leadership skills associated with summer camp counselor
jobs are also a big plus for potential future employers.

Camp counsellors

10. Get Paid to Have Fun!

Summer camps are all about having fun for the kids, and as the purveyors of fun, those working
summer camp counselor jobs get to have a lot of fun themselves! You want the kids to have a
good time full of laughs, which means you’re often being paid to be silly or to be a comedian to

an audience of nine-year-olds—and that’s an easy crowd, let me tell you. Is there anything
better than being paid to be silly and have fun?

Wan to become a Camp Counsellor? Apply and Join the Camp Tournesol team this summer!

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