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Top 7 Child-Friendly French Activities For This Holiday Season

Snow may not be part of the upcoming holidays, but Camp Tournesol can definitely guarantee a happy holiday season sprinkled with la Francophonie!

What’s better than spending time with your family, drinking hot chocolate, creating memorable moments around a book, a movie or an activity!

Just because school’s out for a few weeks doesn’t mean that your children have to stop improving their French and learning skills. In fact, the winter break is a perfect time to show them how easy and fun it can be to continue practicing their French skills even outside of school.

Of course, the key to effectively learning a language is to bring it outside of the classroom and into other aspects of everyday life.

Here are some suggestions from the Camp Tournesol team to entertain your family in French during your well-deserved winter break.

#1: French Holiday Karaoke Songs

Singing holiday music is a must this season! So why not do it in French!

Here is a great playlist of YouTube videos of Christmas carols and other holiday music, all complete with French lyrics so that your child can sing along!

25 Mins of French Christmas Songs for Kids (With Lyrics)

30 Mins of Christmas Carols in French (With Lyrics)

Video Playlist of Winter Songs in French


#2: French Holiday/Winter Books

Nothing better to warm your heart during the cold winter than a good book! This winter break, take advantage of all the opportunities that rough Canadian Winter weather gives us to stay inside and read. It’s an excellent opportunity to practice reading in French with your child! Our expert librarian compiled a list just for our parents:

For children in Grade 1:

Winter themed:  

Christmas themed:

For children in grades 2 and 3

Winter themed:

Christmas themed:

Where to get these books? → Go to your local library, purchase them on Amazon or at Indigo/Chapters, or head to “The Librarie Mosaique” (a francophone bookstore in the GTA!) or Il était une fois in Oakville.

Check out your local library, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of books in French! We have also published a list of the French Books Your Child Want To Read for more ideas.

The Toronto Public Library offers fun French programs like French storytime for kids, French book clubs and French conversation circles during the month of December. Discover their plethora of French activities.

#3: Listen to French Radio

Did you know you can listen to local radio in French? Here are a few French local radio channels to tune into during the holidays!

CHOQFM 105,1: features several different programs, check it out online and choose one!

Radio Canada Toronto offers programming all day long in French on its channel La Première Chaîne.

If you have teenagers around, they might like one of the most popular French radio stations in Montreal: CKOI 96.9.

#4: French Holiday TV and Films

Télé-Québec is offering special programming for the holidays until January. And of course, all programs are in French. Your child can enjoy the adventures of Astérix, or help Tintin solve his investigations. Whatever your child’s preference, there is a program for every taste!

Tune in to Télé-Québec’s holiday special.

Want more French TV?

TFO has a huge repertoire of family-friendly French films, music videos, comedy, cartoons, and much more!

Of course, Tou TV is fabulous to catch all French shows from Quebec. And you should know that they also have a special section for children as well as special programming for the holidays.

For teens, the Rogers channel Unis or unis.ca on the web has an incredible selection of popular TV programs. If your child is between 7-12 years of age, you can even try their app Francolab.

Check out the ONF to take your pick of French animated movies, educational films or documentaries or refer back to our list of Top French Films for Kids.

Why not kick back and watch a French film with your FI student this holiday season? Here’s a great list of French holiday movies perfect for children of any age!


#5: French Online Holiday Activities

Pleasure and laughter guaranteed from the comfort of your home! Since kids already spend so much time online, let’s try to make that time both educational and fun. There’s plenty of great websites that are full of fun French games and activities to be experienced from the comfort of home. You can also direct them to these great apps to learn French!

Here are some of our favourite holiday themed websites:

A Christmas themed website full of French games and activities for kids!

French games for every season, including winter/the holidays

Kids Zone Website by Radio-Canada (CBC) with tons of French games and activities

Of course, how could we forget the infamous Norad Santa Tracker? It’s also available in French and includes fun activities on the website! Just select “French” as the language in top right corner.

#6: French Holiday Treats

If there’s anytime of the year to treat yourself to some sweet delicacies… it’s definitely the holidays! Of course, kids are always hungry for cookies, pastries, and cakes.

Satisfy your sweet tooth during the holidays!

This winter break, take a family trip to a classic French bakery in Toronto and get a taste of French culture and atmosphere.

Here’s the top French bakeries in Toronto.

And two of our favorites: visit Douce France or Crêpes à Gogo for a wonderful treat but also to order and chat in French.

#7: FREE French Holidays Activity Workbook

As a special Christmas bonus for you, we’re also including our very own French worksheet to help your child learn the seasons, colours, and more – all in French.

Download the Winter French Activities Workbook here:

We hope you will find our suggestions useful in helping you enjoy this Holiday season in French.

What French activities will you plan with your child this holiday season? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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Written by: Martine Brouillet

About Martine: Driven to make an impact in second-language learner children in their

quest to become bilingual, Martine Brouillet founded Camp Tournesol in 2001 in Ontario,

Canada. The company’s flagship French camps have since become leaders in this market,

welcoming tens of thousands children and spawning sister products servicing these families

such as the Brouillet French Academy. Her passion and concern for the environment inspired

her to create a new brand of eco-friendly camps, workshops and summits: Love My Planet. To

learn more about Camp Tournesol, visit www.campt.ca 


Contact Martine Brouillet at martine@campt.ca | 905-891-1889


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