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French Day Camps and English Specialty Camps

CampT is proud to present our new Specialty Camps, offered to you in English! These camps are week long programs that allow your child to be fully submerged into the subject matter of their choosing.  Whether it’s studying wizardry, learning about our environment, transforming into your favourite animated movie characters, becoming a first-class director or designing incredible structures, we have the specialty camp that’s right for you! So be sure to take a look below for an in-depth look at all the amazing new experiences we have to offer.


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french day camps

In suburban Mississauga in 2001, we launched our first program: Camp Tournesol’s French day camps. Our unique brand of fun and hands-on French summer day camps have become our flagship experiential learning programs, welcoming thousands of campers each summer throughout the GTA. We offer French day camp programs for all levels of French to campers aged 4 to 14 years old.

Click here to learn more about our different day camps, specialized for each age group and offered throughout the GTA.

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Overnight French Camps

French overnight campsIn 2007, our French overnight camps joined our French day camp programming and we began welcoming an enthusiastic cohort of French campers looking for a more immersive experience. All programs are offered within 2 hours of the GTA and allow children to discover the great outdoors while speaking French all day…the next best thing to spending a week in Quebec’s countryside!  

These camps are exclusive to students age 8 to 14 already fluent in French (French immersion, French schools or native speakers) and are staffed with mostly native speakers from Northern Ontario, Quebec, and France. A full-French environment is maintained 24/7 throughout the entirety of the trip, fully immersing campers and strongly enriching their French skills, all while enjoying the adventure of French overnight camp!

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Year Round French Academic Support

1-on-1 Online Tutoring

The Brouillet French Academy is no offering one-on-one online French tutoring, providing high quality French programs tailored to each child’s learning needs, in support of the Ontario French as a Second Language curriculum taught at school. From the comfort of your own home, your child can meet with a French tutor online at a convenient time that fits your busy schedule. Our team of bilingual French tutors are hand-picked from the best of Camp Tournesol’s camp counselors for their exceptional skills in supporting elementary and secondary students in their journey with the French language. Our tutoring programs focus on one-on-one targeted support, which could include specific French language skills or simply homework, with repetition, positive reinforcement, and most importantly lots of practice! Students benefit from the individualization and can see themselves improving session after session.

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Online French Classrooms

The Brouillet French Academy is also now offering a formally structured French classroom environment. Our online French classrooms a more focused, curriculum-based, and rigorous French program where students meet a live professor once a week for 90 minutes in a virtual classroom to develop and enrich the 4 areas of French skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), aligned with the CEFR (DELF levels). French Classes consist of no more than 8 students of the same language level, all working towards a common goal. Professors use reflection, targeted feedback, and real-world applications to solidify student learning. Structured conversation classes are also offered during select semesters. A high quality French learning experience, right from the comfort of your home!

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French Programs and Eco-friendly programs to support schools

Overnight School Trips and Outdoor Education Programs

In 2017, we introduced our specialized unique programs to support schools. In Ontario, we are the only provider of French school trips! Using our expertise in experiential learning, leading overnight trips, and developing students’ French communication skills, we organize educational French School Trips to support classes and schools who share our vision: that conversation and practical application are the keys to language success. Trips are available in the fall and spring for French Immersion and Francophone classrooms throughout Ontario, and are all customized to meet the learning goals of each class in attendance. Whether it’s developing teamwork skills or learning more about Ontario’s geography, our trips can enrich students’ learning journeys, all in French.

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In-School French Workshops

Camp Tournesol offers three in-school workshops where our expertise in promoting French verbal skills is front and center!

We can tailor our workshops to meet your needs as well! Whether you want a fully francophone program or a more bilingual version with more English involved, we’ve got you covered!

Our rotations can take place inside your gymnasium or outside, weather permitting.

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