Our French Summer Camp Staff

Your child will love to create memories to cherish forever with our team of dedicated and passionate French summer day camp and French overnight camp staff. Because our staff stick around year in and year out, campers are able to create long-lasting, special bonds with counselors and teachers.

How is Camp Tournesol French Day Camps Structured?

Good question. For our French day camps, every program is supervised by a dynamic duo: a teacher or university student paired with a high school student. Why? Through the years, we’ve found the unique combination of a fun, fresh high schooler along with the experience and wisdom of a teacher or university student, to be the perfect balance for campers. Our supervisors actively create and lead a wide variety of safe activities that never fail to keep your child engaged and having a blast while building their language skills. Activities include arts and crafts, group exercises, role-play, games and sports, and much more!

Who can I go to with questions?

Onsite you will also have access to the site manager who will have a different coloured t-shirt to be easily identifiable.

They act as the head mentor, organizer extraordinaire, super hero problem solver and your go-to person onsite.

We also have a team of senior coordinators who visit regularly all our campuses to provide additional mentorship, guidance and enthusiasm as needed. You can check out their bios here and see how awesome they are!

Is There Enough Supervision?

We keep a ratio in each French day camp campus of LESS than 1 counsellor to 10 campers with the exception of the kinder programs. For campers in the those programs, the ratio is 1 to 8 to 1 for 7.

Camp Tournesol invest in the training of our staff each year. All counsellors must undergo our customized training:

  • They must attend multiple workshops in the spring.
  • Several online videos, prepared by our training specialists, must be reviewed.
  • All counsellors attend one full day centralized training where all our team congregate together. We review all our safety procedures, our curriculum and develop team spirit and bonding amongst staff of each campuses.
  • We also have each team onsite at their home campus prior to the beginning of camp for an orientation session.

French Overnight Camps and Trips?

Overnight French trips and French overnight camps, are also fully staffed with an experienced adult, otherwise known as the “chef de mission,” accompanied by a number of university students “teacher-in-making” providing a student to supervisor ratio of no more than 7 to 1. All staff on these trips have previous experience with Camp Tournesol. We use the best of the best on these trips!

Do You Screen Your French Camp Staff?

Yes, all our French summer camp staff are CPR and first aid trained and hold an up-to-date certificate. They are also police background checked and we require 2 relevant references.

The interview is conducted in French, so you can rest assured that staff are also fully bilingual. Interested in working for us? Or someone you know? Click here to access our job page.


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