Your child will love creating memories to cherish forever with our team of dedicated and passionate staff. Because our staff stick around year in and year out, campers are able to create long-lasting, special bonds with counselors and teachers. Of course, all of our staff members are chosen because of their passions and experience. French day camp staff members are fluent in French to make sure your child is getting an immersive language experience at CampT. Multi-sport day camp staff members are leaders with a passion for sports and previous organized sport experience. 

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Good question. For our French day camps, every program is supervised by a dynamic duo: a teacher or university student paired with a high school student. Why? Through the years, we’ve found the unique combination of a fun, fresh high schooler along with the experience and wisdom of a teacher or university student, to be the perfect balance for campers. Our supervisors actively create and lead a wide variety of safe activities that never fail to keep your child engaged and having a blast while building their language skills. Activities include arts and crafts, group exercises, role-play, games and sports, and much more!

For all summer camps:

Onsite you will also have access to the Team Leaders, who will have a blue t-shirt on Mondays to be easily identifiable.

They act as the head mentor, organizer extraordinaire, super hero problem solver and your go-to person onsite. They work in pairs and are partners in crime during the summer.

We also have a team of senior coordinators who visit regularly all our campuses to provide additional mentorship, guidance and enthusiasm as needed.

Should you have questions about your registration order or account, our customer care team would be happy to help you; simply call 888-892-1889 or email us at customercare@campt.ca

We keep a ratio in each French day camp campus of less than 1 counsellor to 10 campers with the exception of the kinder programs. For campers in the those programs, the ratio is 1 to 8 or 1 to 7.

For our multi-sports day camps, our counsellor to camper ratio is of 1 to 10. 

Camp Tournesol invests in the training of our staff each year. All counselors must undergo our customized training:

  • They must attend multiple workshops in the spring.
  • Several online videos, prepared by our training specialists, must be reviewed.
  • All counselors attend one full day centralized training where all our team congregate together. We review all our safety procedures, our curriculum and develop team spirit and bonding amongst staff of each campus.
  • We also have each team onsite at their home campus prior to the beginning of camp for an orientation session.

Yes, all our summer camp staff are CPR and first aid trained and hold an up-to-date certificate. They are also police background checked and we require 2 relevant references.

For our french camp counsellors, the interview is conducted in French, so you can rest assured that staff are also fully bilingual. Interested in working for us? Or someone you know? Click here to access our job page.



You’ve met our founder, Martine, on our ‘About us’ page. Now let us introduce you to our invaluable senior staff team members who work for our main office and keep our programs running smoothly.


About Annie: Invested in the world of education for over 10 years, Annie Bellemare has had the great opportunity to share her experience and passion for the French language at Camp Tournesol since 2009. She graduated from the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières with a Bachelor’s degree in Second Language Teaching. After her first degree, she decided to pursue her studies at the master’s level. At the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Annie completed her Master of Arts in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development. Her thesis was on youth identity and French-language education in Ontario. Her present role is Special Education Consultant at Conseil Scolaire Viamonde, in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. As a Curriculum Director, Annie collaborates with the Camp Tournesol’s team in providing an optimal French learning experience to our campers as well as our students at the Brouillet French Academy.

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Jason was born and raised in Montreal and learned both French and English growing up in a multi-language household. He was a French immersion student throughout elementary and high school before completing his Bachelor’s degree in child studies at the University of Concordia. He continued his education in Ontario where he received his Master’s Degree in Applied Disabilities Studies. 
Jason has always had a passion for summer camps, attending them every summer as a camper since the age of 5. He has since amassed over 10 years of experience working in various camps in different roles such as counsellor, section head, program director and finally camp director. At his last camp, Jason worked as the director for 5 summers, planning special events, managing the staff and making sure all campers had a fun and meaningful camp experience.  Now in his second summer at Camp Tournesol, Jason looks forward to making the same type of impact and is extremely excited to share his passion for camp and enthusiasm for French-language acquisition with all of our amazing campers and families.

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