Overnight Summer French Camps & Immersion Trips

We have a great variety of French Overnight Camps and French Immersion Trips to choose from.

Come experience an overnight French immersion adventure with Camp Tournesol, the leaders in French camps in Ontario!

Camp Tournesol offers exciting travel adventures for French-speaking students who want to engage in a truly memorable French Immersion experience. These are sleep away summer camps for campers ages 8-15 . We have an exciting selection of overnight camps to choose from, including an expedition in 4 regions of Quebec, or an action-packed cottage retreat at the beautiful Gerogian Bay area, the country-side of Schomberg, or the gorgeous Muskoka lake.

A day in the life of a Camp Tournesol overnight camper at one of our sleep away summer camps is filled with fun activities like rock wall climbing, campfires, sing-a-longs, archery, and much more – all in French. And unlike most overnight camps, Camp Tournesol also offers a partial week overnight option for campers who prefer a gradual transition into the full week away-from-home experience.

Take the time to visit the sections below to discover the perfect formulae for your child!

Overnight Summer Camps For Teens



French overnight camp

Overnight – Full WeekFrench Immersion Summer Camp 

a full week “away-from-home” French Immersion experience in Ontario for French-speaking students. For French immersion or Francophone students.

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French overnight camps

Overnight – Partial WeekSummer French Courses 

the week is separated in 2 in these programs. 1 or 2 day at our day campus and the rest of the week at one of our awesome overnight camp. For French immersion or Francophone students.

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French overnight camp

Leadership ProgramFrench Language Summer Camp 

a weekend trip away for French-speaking middle school students, specially designed to develop leadership skills and to prepare for the CIT program. For French immersion or Francophone students.

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French overnight camp

Trip to QuebecFrench Summer Camps

a 13 day/12 night cultural adventure to Quebec for students confortable expressing themselves in French to discover 4  regions – including whale-watching cruise. For French immersion or Francophone students.

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Daily recap for French Overnight Camps

Take a look at some of our videos  and photos from past French overnight trips to see why our campers come back year after year. You can also read the daily recap we maintain to keep our parents in the loop.

Come and make some memories of your own that will last forever!

Things to Know About our French Overnight Camps and Trips Programs.

Code of Conduct

At Camp Tournesol, we want all children to have fun and have an opportunity to learn. In order to achieve that, it is important that each camper conduct himself or herself in a respectful and appropriate way. Parents and Campers should review our guidelines together and ensure that your child understand them. Our code of conduct is based on the following 3 principles:

  • Don’t physically endanger anybody.
  • Don’t tease/put people down, even a little bit.
  • Don’t do anything illegal, or that would horrify your parents.

More specifically, at Camp Tournesol safe, respectful and appropriate behavior does NOT include:

  • Leaving an area without permission AND without a counselor for children under 6 years old or a buddy.
  • Standing on tables or chairs.
  • Climbing trees or breaking branches.
  • Carrying or throwing sticks, stones or sand.
  • Being disrespectful to counselors or other campers.
  • Disregarding counselor’s instructions.
  • Water fights or throwing water.
  • Hitting, kicking, biting, wrestling moves or violence.
  • Swearing or explicit and violent language.
  • Stealing.
  • Consistent use of English / no efforts made to use French (for the French campers)
  • Putting arms or heads out of the bus window as well as standing or kneeling on the bus.

Here are the behaviors that ARE acceptable:

  • Making efforts to express yourself in French all day and try to use English as rarely as possible.
  • Obtain permission prior to leaving an area where your group is
  • Always use proper language (no swear words or violent words)
  • Follow instructions as given by counselors
  • Be respectful towards all the counselors and your peers.

Any person found violating this code will be dealt with according to the following procedure:

  • Warning / discussion by their lead counselor and appropriate consequences depending on the gravity of the behavior (sitting out an activity etc.).
  • Meet with the Camp Coordinator and phone call to parent to identify a potentially successful strategy to improve the situation.
  • After consultation with the Camp Director, parent will be asked to pick up their child from the camp for that day and discuss the issue with their child.
  • Note that there is a possibility that the child will be asked not to accompany us during our field trip on Thursdays if we feel that his behavior precludes us from ensuring his safety and that of the other campers.
  • Expulsion from the camp.

French Overnight Camp Staff

All of our overnight trips are supervised by an experienced teacher who acts as a “Chef de mission”. She or he is assisted by experienced Tournesol counsellors of both genders. Their goal is to encourage your child to speak French in a fun and safe environment. As for all Tournesol French camps, all counsellors must submit a police background check and be trained for CPR and first aid. Campers are in gender-specific rooms. Counsellors are in rooms adjacent to the campers or in the same cabin depending on the cabin’s configuration.

Medical Concerns

Parents regularly ask if we will provide close supervison for children with allergies or other medical issues.

Of course! Every camper’s safety is our utmost concern.

All of our staff are trained for first aid, CPR and administering an EpiPen. In addition, we have 2 qualified teachers onsite who provide support and supervision at each campus.

Do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with our staff at the office or onsite. In all cases, we count on parents to partner with us to make safety a priority. Help us with this process by providing as much details as possible when completing the medical forms!

Should you child be bringing any medication to camp, please let us know by completing this medication form and discussing it with your child’s counsellor on the first day of camp.

Parent Handbook

In mid-May, campers will receive a package which includes a detailed itinerary, address of accommodation, and a list of things to bring. Any further questions can be directed to us once you have reviewed the package.

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