Leadership Training Activities

at our day camps

for French immersion and Francophone students

The Counselor in Training (CIT) program is for French speaking students graduating from grades 7 and 8 and looking to take on a bit more of a leadership role in their day camp experience. As a CIT, campers will be paired with a senior counselor who will supervise them for the length of their time as CIT. During the week, with the support of their counselor, CITs will lead at least 2 games for their group, and 2 games for the entire campus (during our Grand Jeu module at the end of every day). Throughout the rest of the time, CITs will help their counselor lead a variety of games, crafts, and activities for their group, while benefiting from the mentorship from their paired counselor and the perspective of being responsible for the fun camp experience of other campers. Prospective CITs are required to register for a minimum of 2 weeks in order to really develop their leadership skills, and we always encourage students to register for more than just the two.

In preparation for their role as a CIT, campers are required to attend the Leadership Program. The Leadership Program focuses on the development of campers’ leadership skills, including developing their teamwork, communication, and organizational skills. There are also several workshops throughout the program specifically focused on the role of a CIT. This is an overnight camp session. Before the Leadership Program, prospective CITs need to submit their application form and have a teacher submit a reference form

In 2020 our camp season will run from July 6th until August 28th, varying by campus.


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To apply:

  • Complete the online registration and make payment for the session that you are applying for. (A refund will be provided if you are not selected).
  • Complete the CIT application form
  • Have a teacher complete and submit the CIT reference form

Candidates selected will be contacted directly as their applications come in, and applications are treated on a first come, first served basis.

There is VERY LIMITED availability on this French camp program so register early.

The transformation from camper to CIT, Volunteer, and Staff

Kindergarten to Grade 6 – Attend Camp Tournesol as a camper!

Priority is given to previous Camp Tournesol campers, but no previous camp experience is needed to apply to be a CIT.

Grade 7 and 8 – Complete the Leadership Program and apply to join the team as a Counselor in Training

The Leadership Program trains all CIT candidates on their role and develops their leadership skills. It’s a prerequisite to being a CIT, and those who complete it leave feeling prepared to start their summer as a CIT! Instructions for applying to be a CIT are found above.

Grade 9 – Apply to join our staff and spend the summer volunteering

Successful CITs are encouraged to return to the Camp Tournesol team, this time as Volunteers! They can earn their 40 hour requirement for high school, and gain more exposure to the role of a Camp Tournesol Counselor, this time participating in formal staff training and taking on more roles at day camp. Apply here!

Grade 10 – Apply to join the staff as a paid counselor!

All those years of experience have paid off! Successful Volunteers are invited back to join the Camp Tournesol as a paid Counselor, leading their own group and bringing their leadership and Camp Tournesol expertise to the team. Read more and apply here!

“Thank you very much for giving the opportunity to Owen for the Leadership Program and CIT program.  I can see his growth and progress.  At the very beginning, he had concerns with dealing with the little kids as it’s his “first job” in his life. After the Leadership program, he became more confident with all the things you taught at the camp. I am glad that he enjoys it. Thank you to all the staff at Camp Tournesol very much for all the support and help you gave Owen to develop his language, social skills, maturity, responsibility, organization and much more!”


“Alice is definitely applying to return next summer as she enjoyed the program and keeps talking about her experience as a CIT at Mississauga North campus.”


“My son has been attending the Camp since Grade 1 and now he is a CIT. It has been a great experience for him and he always enjoys himself. The staff are very professional, put their all into the kids, and we have never had one issue. I am glad we can offer the same experience for our daughter especially since both my kids struggled with French in grade 1 and the camp helped them improve their French to the point they are very comfortable speaking it.”


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