Top 16 French Books About Friendship

Our resident CampT librarian is back with another list of French books, this time on the topic of friendship! Friendship is an important part of life and learning about making friends and what a healthy friendship looks like should be part of growing up for every child. At Camp Tournesol we’re all about fostering friendships that will last between our campers for years to come. Whether that’s through our summer day camps (yes, we’re back for 2021!) or our online classes, making friends is not just important, it’s fun!

Reading about a topic is also a great way to learn about it! And when your child reads our selection of French books about friendship they’re not only learning important social lessons, they’re also practicing their French! Check out our librarian’s selections below, organized by ideal age group for your convenience!


French Books About Friendship: Age 5 to 6 (SK to Grade 1)

1. Le Cercle D’Aide Et De Partage by Theresa Larsen-Jonasson

An adorable picture book for youngsters, this French book about friendship is great for young kids, as they see how two foxes fighting over something leads to none of the animals being able to play. A nice Bison comes along to show the rest of the animals how communication is an important part of friendship and help the foxes reconcile.


2. Ils Ne Veulent Pas Jouer Avec Moi!!! by Andrée Poulin
This is a story about the importance of inclusivity and how excluding others can make them feel. But it’s also got a little bit of humour too! Fanfan the pink flamingo looks to show Zac and Paco the zebra and panda that pink can indeed coexist with black and white. Fanfan’s got a few clever tricks up his sleeve to show Zac and Paco the error in their ways.


3. La Merveilleuse Machine À Se Faire Des Amis by Nick Bland

Another cute story about friendship from the acclaimed children’s book author that brought you the Gros Ours Grincheux book series. This is a quirky tale about the friendliest pigeon on the farm, Pep, who finds a smartphone and becomes so engrossed in it that he forgets about his old real-life friends. The lesson Pep learns is one that is important to impart on children but could apply to any adult that is too engrossed in their phone too.


4. Le Coeur En Chocolat by Édith Bourget
Our fourth French book about friendship for youngsters in SK or Grade 1 is a story about a little girl named Olivia. She asks her mom, who’s a baker, to bake her a heart made out of chocolate. Olivia then spends much time waiting for the chocolate heart, which she intends to give to a special friend of hers.

French Books About Friendship: Age 7 to 9 (Grade 2 to Grade 4)

5. L’Arbre De L’Hiver by Melissa Pigois

In our first French book about friendship for kids a little bit older, a little lonely tree finds itself all alone in a snowy field. Fortunately, it is not left alone for long, with visitors from children to birds to squirrels keeping it company before spring rolls around and other plants join the little tree. This is a wonderful lesson about how important it is to be there for your friends to make sure they don’t feel like they’re all alone.


6. La Neige Parfaite by Barbara Reid
Another winter-themed selection here that teaches kids about the benefits of working together. When the kids come out for recess, they are greeted by perfectly packing snow! By combining their efforts, they’re able to build a snow structure far greater than anything they could have built on their own!


7. L’Arbre De La Gentillesse by Britta Teckentrup
This book of poems by Britta Teckentrup is full of beautiful prose from which people young and old will be able to learn a lesson about friendship. The poems range in topic from the importance of friendship, to the consequences that being mean to people can have, and why it’s good to look out for one another.


8. Veux-Tu Être Mon Ami? by Molly Potter
Friendship plays an important part in nearly everyone’s life. Making friends is an especially big part of life when you’re a young kid. We learn a lot of essential concepts such as sharing, empathy, compassion, and apologizing and forgiving when we make friends and interact with others as children. This book supplies your children with practical tips to help kids make friends and tell real friends from fake ones!

9. Imagine by John Lennon
A short picture book about a pigeon on a journey inspired by the world-famous song by John Lennon. The story encapsulates the message of the song and the late musician himself with tones of togetherness, acceptance, and world peace.


French Books About Friendship: Age 10 to 12 (Grade 5 to Grade 7)

10. Les Aventures De Flora Et Ulysse by Kate DiCamillo
A story about an improbable friendship between self-proclaimed cynic Flora and a super squirrel named Ulysse that develops when their paths cross. Flora is the perfect person to help Ulysse, and their friendship shares an important message about remaining open, being less cynical, and making friends no matter what the differences between you are.


11. Le Royaume De Kensuke by Michael Morpurgo
A young man named Michael falls off his parent’s ship as they sail around the world, eventually washing up on an unknown island with his trusty dog. He attempts to survive his tough predicament thanks to an unknown helper. A fantastic story about the strong bonds of friendship and how they can help you through any hard times told by one of the best authors in the genre.


12. Textos Et Cie by Genevieve Guilbault

One of the more popular young adult series in French, the Textos Et Cie series has nine volumes out at this point, which means lots of material for your child to enjoy! Your kids will follow Morgane as she attempts to achieve her goal of creating a school newspaper through to her determination and passion. And of course she couldn’t do it without her gang of friends, Annabelle, Eddy, and Thomas!

French Books About Friendship: Age 13 to 14 (Grade 8 to Grade 9)

13. No Et Moi by Delphine de Vigan

This is a story of a doe-eyed teenager named Lou Bertignac who meets No, a young woman barely older than Lou, and the friendship that develops between the two young people that come from vastly different backgrounds. Though No seems to be similar in age to Lou, there’s something about her that tells Lou that she knows a lot more about life than her age might suggest.


14. La Charmeuse De Vent by Annie Lagrandeur
A wonderful story about two lovers, one from Montreal, one from China, who meet in a park and how their relationship shapes both of them as they grow. When Feng returns to China and is caught in a devastating earthquake, Bastian has no other choice but to follow his love and best friend and try to save her.

15. Montagnes Russes by Patrick Isabelle

Elliott is extremely excited that Mia has accepted his invitation to go with him to the amusement park. He can’t believe it. Unfortunately, his mom is forcing him to bring his little sister along. What Elliott expects to be a ruined day at theme park actually turns out to be a wild ride full of ups and downs bigger than the ones on the roller-coasters all around them. This story teaches us a lesson about inclusivity and the importance of keeping family together.


16. Gamer T.1 : Nouveau Port by Pierre-Yves Villeneuve
A unique and intriguing story about a world-class gamer girl who’s life gets turned upside down when her father tells her that they are moving. In her new town, all she wants to do is pass through incognito, but she still finds a way to make friends with the “nerdy” kids while drawing the ire of the popular kids. The only one that can make her forget her troubles and put her in her comfort zone is her best friend Sam, who Laurianne still loves to game with.

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