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French Books Your Child Will Want To Read!

We surveyed our more than 2000 French immersion families and asked only one question:

What is your #1 challenge in supporting your child in their French language journey?

The vast majority of parents responded this:  

Finding FRENCH books my child WANTS to read and is ABLE to READ!

There seems to be a particular concern with gender appropriate books.

We went back to work and polled our teachers, our staff, our family and our friends in the French immersion field to expand on our previously published and very popular blog post from last fall:

40 French Books To Help Your FI Child

We thought we would revisit this list, add some other favourites and identify the ones that specific genders seem to prefer.

So here is our easy-to-use list of Top French Books Kids Love to Read with age and gender specific sections!

Of course, you will find in the BOOKS FOR EVERYONE section, a healthy list of books that are super interesting to both boys and girls so feel free to choose from that list as well!

French Books Your Child Will Want To Read


We hope you find something your child LOVED!

Feel free to share it, tweet it and pin it to spread the news and help other French immersion parents!

Tweet this to help out other parents of FI students: “Do you have a child in FI? Check out this list of #French books to get your child reading in French: LINK”

To find some tips about reading with your child and why it matters, read our popular article

The importance of reading

Where to buy French books

If you’re not sure where you can find a French book, try your local library or one of the French bookstores below. If your child has an iPad, you can even download the Kindle App for free and download the book instantly through some of these online stores as well.


Do you know of any other French books your child loves that you want to add to the list? Share your top picks with us in the comments below!


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