07.27.17 | Bilingualism, Blog

Playing Sports In French? 100 Words Your Child Should Know – Part 1 Individual Sports

Individual sports are ideal for building your child’s independence and ambition. Many studies show that playing sports can greatly improve a child’s self esteem as well. With all these benefits, it’s clear that your child should continue to play their favourite sports.

In the classroom, your child is working hard to become fluent in French; and outside, they’re having a blast playing their favourite sports. Why not combine the two? We’ve compiled a list of French terms relating to some of the most popular individual sports.

Whether your child is on the swim team at school, or loves going biking with the family, learn these basic terms in French with your child to grow their vocabulary.

(Scroll to the end for a fantastic info graphic that includes all these vocabulary words!)

La​ ​natation​ ​-​ ​swimming


Le cyclisme​ ​-​ ​cycling

    La danse – dance


L’équitation​ ​-​ ​horseback riding

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