Books to Prepare Your Kids For Camp!


You took the plunge, bursting with excitement for your child to make amazing camp memories and new friends this summer, and you registered them for overnight camp. Now, March break is over, the sun is up a lot longer, and we’re midway through spring when it hits you: the camp season is right around the corner and they haven’t been to summer camp before! Your excitement starts to feel like nervousness and you notice your little angel is just as anxious, not knowing what to expect from camp.

That’s a familiar feeling that we understand all too well, and we’re here to alleviate some of the stress. Summer camp is one of the greatest experiences for children and nerves shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying all that it has to offer!

We’ve put together a fun list of family-friendly books that will shed light on the unknowns, and help you and your kids take a sigh of relief in anticipation of the first day of camp. Time to cuddle up with your adventurous camper and read about what camp is all about, as explained by Brother and Sister, Froggy, and even Mr. Sillypants!

The Berenstain Bears Go To Camp

By Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain

After an initial battle with nerves, Brother and Sister have an amazing time at day camp with their friends! This is a great story that addresses any hesitation in regards towards both day camp and overnight camp.

Froggy Goes to Camp

By Jonathan London and Frank Remkiewicz

Froggys is off on a week-long camp trip filled with fun, friends and adventure. Take a trip to Camp Run-A-Muck for a look into the fun, and slightly mischievous, events that happen at camp. It also serves as a reminder to always make sure you’ve properly packed!

We don’t eat our classmates

By Ryan T. Higgins

Keeping friends can be difficult if you eat them all! Penelope Rex learns how to make friends in this hilarious story, one of the most common worries with overnight camp.

The night before summer camp

By Natasha Wing and Mindy Pierce

Rick doesn’t know what to expect from camp, but a surprise friend reassured him that summer camp is filled with FUN! Although this book takes place at day camp, we feel it’s a great fit for helping your child overcome a fear of not making any friends and not liking camp, just like Rick!

Let’s Go Camping with Mr Sillypants

By M. K. Brown

After oversleeping on his overnight trip, Mr Silly Pants goes on an adventure, showing kids and parents that having fears is perfectly normal! A cute story for campers with lots of fears about coming to camp.


By Stephen Cosgrove

With the help of her father, Buttercup overcomes being scared of the dark and tames one of the creatures that she is so afraid of. We recommend this for campers with nighttime jitters, especially when it comes to the dark.

Help your dragon deal with anxiety

By Steve Herman

Drew loves his pet dragon, and he helps his amazing pet overcome anxiety! Perfect for addressing nervousness with your own “pet dragon”!

Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping

By Melanie Watt

Scaredy Squirrel isn’t fond of the idea of camping AT ALL. But on a quest to find electricity, he ends up exploring everything that camping has to offer. Although the book shows tent-style camping, this is a great book to help deal with basic fears of the outdoors and stepping outside your comfort zone!

Hopefully after reading some or all of these you’ve come to learn that camp is not scary, but an exciting place filled with development, adventure and FUN!

Let us know what you think of these awesome camp reads! Don’t forget to let us know in the comments what you thought or if we’ve missed your favourites!


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