HigherEdPoints and Camp Tournesol

Camp Tournesol has joined the HigherEdPoints program!


What does this mean?

We are happy to announce that Camp Tournesol, Brouillet Academy and Great French Tutors have joined the HigherEdPoints programs!

This new partnership will allow parents (and friends and relatives) to use their loyalty points to fund all our programs. This includes all our summer camps, our French academy, and our tutoring programs. Sending your child to have fun in French and enrich their verbal skills has never been easier!!

Loyalty programs include Aeroplan Miles, TD travel reward points, or CIBC Aventura® travel reward points! Create a free account on HigherEdPoints.com., redeem points with the loyalty programs and use your points to pay for Camp Tournesol programs!

For more information, please visit the HigherEdPoints “How it works” page.


How do I convert my points?

If you wish to convert your points, you must first register (it’s free) by creating an account at HighErPoints.com. You will then be directed to the Loyalty Program page(s) where you can redeem their points for cash credits. HigherEdPoints then forwards the cash credits to us here at Camp Tournesol, and the credit is applied to the camper’s account.

Which fees can my points go towards?

Your HigherEdPoints may be used towards your camp fees, which includes any of our programs as well as add-ons and camp gear. They may also be used towards tutoring session fees with our tutoring division, Great French Tutors! Finally, you can also use your points to pay for our French academy launching in September.

What is the exchange rate?

For Aeroplan, 35,000 Miles = $250.
For TD Points, 62,500 Points = $250.
For CIBC Aventura® points, 35,000 Points = $250

Can points be used for the full program balance?


Does the child need to be registered for camp or tutoring already in order to receive a credit via this program? 

It is best to create your account and submit your application to facilitate matching when we receive the funds from HigherEdPoints. Simply select cheque as a method of payment in your shopping cart. Once the funds are received, your registration will be accepted and we will contact you for any outstanding balance.

How do you match the funds to my child?

HigherEdPoints requires you to enter the child’s name upon redemption. Make sure to use the same spelling as in our system! You are all set!


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