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How Camp Tournesol is Dealing With Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At first, no one expected the Coronavirus to spread as far as it did, now affecting people in over 120 countries. The virus has sparked a lot of questions. How serious is this virus? Has it come to Canada? How can I avoid contracting and spreading the virus? What will Camp Tournesol be doing to ensure a safe and hygienic environment? In this blog, we will answer all of these burning questions, which will reassure parents that their kids will be safe at our camps! 

Make sure to visit the WHO, the Canadian Government, and Ontario government websites for the most important and relevant updates and information regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

What Is The Coronavirus and COVID-19?

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause symptoms ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as MERS, SARS, and COVID-19. COVID-19 was a previously unknown strain of the coronavirus before the infectious disease was discovered after an outbreak in Wuhan, China this past December. As of March 12th, it has now spread across the world, affecting over 125,000 people. 

COVID-19 is spread when small particles from the nose or mouth of an infected person are expelled through coughs or exhaling. These particles land on other people and infect them that way, or the particles land on objects and surfaces that are then touched by others who then touch their faces to get infected. 

While people have begun passing away due to the virus, it is exponentially more likely to make a full recovery from COVID-19. A vast majority of people affected by the virus experience mild symptoms which don’t require any kind of hospital stay. The virus has also shown itself to be far more dangerous for elderly individuals as well as those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, respiratory, and cardiovascular diseases.

What’s The Situation in Canada? Ontario?

According to the Canadian government’s official website–which you can visit here, and which is a great resource to stay up to date with the latest developments–we first began seeing occurrences on January 15th, with the number of cases growing past 100 by March 11th. There have been 59 cases in Ontario specifically as of the morning of March 11th, none of which have resulted in serious cases. Most of those infected in Ontario are now in self-isolation, with five having since made full recoveries. The majority of cases in Ontario occurred in Toronto and its surrounding areas such as Hamilton and York region. The Ontario government has also publicly told it’s citizens that they should continue to be vigilant as the number of cases grows.

What Can I Do To Keep Me And My Family Safe?

There are many simple measures you can take to ensure both you and your family’s safety. We’ve broken down our suggestions (which come directly from the World Health Organization) into two categories: measures for everyone and measures for recent travellers. 

Measures for Everyone

Measures for Recent Travellers (Travelled in Last 14 Days)

What Measures Will Camp Tournesol Take?

Looking towards the summer, you may be wondering what Camp Tournesol will do to help keep our campers safe and happy? We do not take the COVID-19 virus lightly whatsoever, and to that end, we have created several procedures for this upcoming camp season to ensure everyone at Camp Tournesol stays healthy and happy throughout the summer!

Handwashing and Sanitizing  

Disinfecting Surfaces and Materials 

To Limit Spread of Germs

Procedures for Maintaining a Safe Environment at Camp

What’s Next?

Moving forward we will be closely monitoring any and all updates on the COVID-19 virus in Canada and specifically in Ontario, which we suggest everyone else does as well. We will continue to inform parents on any evolving updates regarding the virus and our procedures to deal with it. At least 30 days before we open our doors for camp this summer we will also be issuing a more detailed statement on the public health situation as well as our updated and confirmed procedures for our 2020 day and overnight summer camps!

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