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Top 10 Moments at Camp Tournesol

Every moment at Camp Tournesol is one to remember, but we’ve compiled a list of our favourites. From sunny days at the splash pad to playing board games at French, these videos remind us of how much fun our campers have in French, and of the wonderful friendships that are formed!


#10 Learning French

Our younger campers improve their French reading, writing, and listening skills by working together and with their dedicated counselors.

Learning French! Throwback Thursday Moments #11

#9 Campfire Songs

A campfire isn’t a campfire without some singing! Our counselors learn a collection of classic camp songs in French for our overnight weeks.

Campfire Songs! Throwback Thursday Moments #14

#8 Camp Spirit

Even on the bus our campers find time to sing together -- it’s never a dull moment!

Camp Spirit on the Bus! Throwback Thursday Moments #6

#7 Arts and Crafts

Our campers get to explore their creative sides with arts and crafts time! By using everyday household items to make amazing projects, they learn a whole new set of French vocabulary words.

Arts and Crafts! - Throwback Thursday Moments #3

#6 Track and Field Games

It’s off to the races! On pajama day, our campers competed in track and field games and cheered on their peers in French.

Outdoor Games! Throwback Thursday Moments #9

#5 Oh Canada

To celebrate Canada’s 150th, each of our campuses put together a special patriotic performance.

Oh Canada! Throwback Thursday Moments #10

#4 French Board Games

Bonding over board games in French -- what could be better?

Board Games in French! - Throwback Thursday Moments #1

#3 Singing in French

On a bright and sunny day, our campers and counselors join together to sing their favourite French songs.

Singing in French - Throwback Thursday Moments #4

#2 Parachute Fun

The campers can’t get enough of parachute games!  

Parachute Games! - Throwback Thursday Moments #2

#1 Splash Pad Day

A favourite among our campers every year! Splash pad day is the perfect way to celebrate summertime.

Splash Pad Fun! Throwback Thursday Moments #5

We can’t wait to make even more great memories, see you this summer!

Written by: Magda Snioszek

About Magda: Currently working towards her B.A. in Political Science and Sociology at McGill
University in Montreal, Magda has long enjoyed research and writing. Attending French
immersion schools throughout her adolescence allowed her an opportunity to learn French as a
third language, which ultimately led her to Camp Tournesol. Magda has enjoyed working at the
Camp Tournesol main office for 3 consecutive summers and continues to work remotely for the
camp, which includes writing occasionally for the blog.

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