Fun Craft for March Break: How To Make A Memory Book

Fun Craft for March Break: How To Make A Memory Book

In this edition of French Camp Crafts for kids, we provide instructions to complete one of our most loved crafts  for children ages 4 to 6:  How To Make a Memory Book.

Are you looking for another fun activity for March break? How about making this memory book on a rainy day to create a keepsake souvenir from your vacation week with your child!

We use this to remember an activity by either drawing on one of the page or saving a keepsake from each day at French Day Camp or French Overnight Camps.

Use this fun, quiet time with your child to transform it into a learning moment!

While making this craft, take the opportunity to chat with your child:

  • What is a primary colour and what is a secondary colour.
  • Which 2 colours create green? or purple?
  • What material can you use to add some interest/texture to your book?
  • Does she have a friend she or he is spending time with during their time off? Maybe have a special page featuring that friend!

Material for French Camp Crafts: How to Make a Memory Book:

  • 5 colourful paper bags (these are the same size as lunch). You can find those at Dollarama or Michaels
  • Construction paper
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn or colorful string
  • Paint / Markers / Glitter Glue
  • Decorative tape / duct tape
  • Anything else you have on hand to decorate your book

MAterial for Memory book

Steps to Make the Memory Book:

1. You can keep the bags full length if you would like a longer book, but we like to cut about 1 inch off from the end of each bag.

French Crafts steps 1 - Memory Book

2. Working at the bottom end of the bags, mark 2 spots at equal distance from each sides of all 5 bags. Make sure the holes will all align together by measuring carefully. Using a hole punch, create 2 holes in each bag.

French camps crafts 2 - Memory Book

3. Cut two small pieces of colourful yarn. Line up your 5 bags together and thread the yarn through the holes to bind the bags together and tie a pretty bow.
FRENCH camps crafts French camp crafts

4. Cut out a piece of construction paper of any colour to decorate the front. It can be any shape, cloud, speech bubble, etc.   Glue it onto the book, and using paint, marker or glitter glue, write the word “Souvenirs” in the centre.

french Camps craft

5. Affix decorative tape or duct tape to the end of each page/bag .French Camp Crafts

6. Decorate your book to your liking, however make sure that you leave enough room on each page to be able to write or draw your favourite memory, glue a memento such as the admission ticket to a place you visited.

French Camp Crafts

7. You can also insert items inside each bag such as friendship bracelets or rexlace creations and then stapling the bag shut.

French Camp Crafts

8. Voilà!! Now you are ready for your holiday week!

Memory Book

Memory Book



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