A Colourful Tissue Paper Rainbow: Fun craft for kids Colorful Tissue Paper Rainbow

Tissue Paper Rainbow

How to make a colourful tissue paper rainbow! Do you have children at home on a rainy or snowy weekend? Are you looking for something interesting and unique to do with them? Or maybe you’re hosting a playdate with a few of your child’s friends and looking for activities?

How about trying one of our French Camp Crafts. These are tried and true crafts that we use at our French summer camp to our campers’ delight. These crafts are easy and very affordable to make. You will probably have all the material in your crafts box!

In this edition of French Camp Crafts for kids, we provide instructions to complete one of our most loved crafts  for children ages 4 to 6:  How To Make a Colourful Tissue paper Rainbow.

Use this fun, quiet time with your child to transform it into a learning moment!

This is a perfect craft to discuss colours with your child:

  • What is a primary colour and what is a secondary colour.
  • Which 2 colours create green? or purple?
  • Repeat the french words for each colour, use our “things you learned at camp” worksheet to help!

Material for French Camp Crafts: How to Make a Tissue paper Rainbow:

  • One sheet of construction paper or cardstock for the base
  • Half of a piece of tissue paper of the following colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple and white
  • Glue
  • Pencil

material for tissue paper rainbow Fun craft for kids

Steps to make the Tissue Paper rainbow:

1.With a pencil, draw 6-7 half circles to make a rainbow onto the construction paper, beginning with the largest one and down to the smaller one in the middle. You may have a hard time finding indigo tissue paper so don’t worry about making only 6 arches if that is the number of colours you have!

Draw one cloud at each end of the rainbow.

Draw your rainbow

2. Tear pieces of the purple tissue paper and scrunch them into little balls.


3. Glue each of these balls onto the innermost arch, tightly besides each other..


4. Repeat Step 2 and 3 for the other five arches (blue, green, yellow, orange, red).

5. Finally, scrunch up your white tissue paper into balls. Glue these into the shapes you drew for the clouds.

IMG_4915 Rainbow clouds

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